Maya FBX/COLLADA to Blender

Hi everyone, anyone here know how to get animations from Maya (possibly LT) into Blender?

I’m playing around with file types. I can’t seem to get animated FBX files from Maya into Blender without losing the animation, so I went around and played with the FBX converter and made DAE files. These got the animations into Blender, but seemed to have warped the scale, with some meshes turning into tiny versions of themselves while others have become huge.

Anyone know how to work around this?


Hi Everyone, Hope all are doing well! I am also looking for the same How to export my Animation files from MAYA (with Objects,textures,UV Maps…) TO Import in to Blender. I tried with FBX, FBX_DAE & OBJ formats… but still I am not getting exact result… Please help me in this and you can reach me @ [email protected]

Don’t any of these help?