Maya goes opensource (but you need to compile it yourself).

I was watching the new Git project lists, when i noticed that Maya source code has been placed on Github
There was not much in the news about it, they have not placed a download link on their public site either.

The readme.txt file on Github gives some explanation as to why.
Apparently they want to attract more developers to their source code.
And since partially their code was based upon a game engine who got open-sourced recently.
They where kinda forced to go open-source too.
To be ahead of any kind of claims and also welcome future developers, they went to Github
Building Maya from source is not really recommended for common users ea 3d artists.
And in a strange twist they even put some text down that people are not allowed to share compiled source code online.
So you got to download source and compile it yourself.

Compiling takes also quite some time, but it can be done with visual studio 2015.

The Github source code can be found here shortened as its quite long)
If your are a developer you might share what i think is the greatest news of today


In other news

I have a website for just this sort of thing. :wink:

HAHAHA. That was great.

That was funny!

why not post some blender/cg related real news instead of this cheap April 1st words?

why not post some topic-related real comment instead of this cheap meta-complaint?

In other news: Blender is gonna change its license from GPL to MSPL in order to collaborate with Oculus on BlenderVR, which will run as a browser-based Facebook social app.

You got me :slight_smile:

good one.

well besides the date…they would also have to cut a lot out of it to release it as open source…the rendering for one thing…
anyway…I was never impressed by maya anyway…oddly enough I did use 3dsmax for a while…and switched to lightwave…it had less “toys” but was still superior to max…now I am here…and don’t see myself going back to any of those programs…and april first is the wors day to look for any news on anything…unless you are a masochist.