Maya/Houdini Ariist Need some help

Hi there,
I am Gu, a student from Academy of art.
Recently I was working on a naval battle project and tried to get great battleship model. Then I found a awesome battleship blender model here producted by splatypi. Let me thank for you guy’s sharing first - it is really difficult to find such a great model to work with.
Unfortunately, I almost know nothing about blender and its workflow to MAYA or HOUDINI. The model just fine, I found a way to export it as an obj.file. But the problem is the textures doesn’t have any uv maps on it. I tried to contact with splatypi to get some help but seems like he didn’t show himself there often.
Therefore I hope someone could help me to convert this blender file with a whole UV map and its textures which could be used in MAYA/Houdini for me. I don’t want to spend so much time on mapping and texturing the ship again because i am a FX artist T_T. I would like pay 100$ for this work via paypal if you guys could help.

my email is [email protected] please let me know via email if you could do that.
Any help is much appreciated!

Hi there, the offer has been taken. Thank those guys who contact with me! I got say sorry that I couldn’t reply you guys email by email because a lot of people sent me a email for asking. I am so happy that I could have a chance to work with you guys. Thanks blender users! thanks blender artist forum, you guys are the best!