Maya Keymap to Blender

Dear all,
As a MAC OSX 10.6 user (intel), I’ve made the switch from expensive maya to amazing blender. I wish to use the same hotkeys that i used in maya to blender. I’ve seen loads of pyhton scripts around but I have no idea where to place them in my .blender folder (i’m using the alpha 2.5).

Moreover, i’ve seen in

that you have interaction presets-but I cannot seen them in my Mac OSX Blender 2.52.0 app?

Also, when I make changes in my user prefernces how do you save them!?!!??

Help plz/

Lots of love,


Download a more recent build at The official alpha from the blender site is now way out of date

First off, get a newer version of Blender 2.5 (as Richard suggests) by visiting because the newest builds allow you to choose the Maya keyboard shortcuts from the splash screen that shows when you first start Blender. See my screenshot.

Second, when you want to save your default setup, press ctrl+U.


O m f g you guys just saved my life THAN YOU SO MUCH!