Maya like ALT+RMB+horizontal drag navigation zoom Setup / How can I expose non-vanilla shortcuts?


I have 15 years of experience in Maya and learned blender through many resources in the last months.

Some of the learning resources startet to mod vanilla Blender so much, that I really was concerned about my future usage of the interface and its shortcuts. So I usually left everything the way it was by defautl. But some things indeed did made sense. Some shortcuts I would want set to like they were in Maya.

I wont use the industry compatible keymap, but the navigation I would want to set up like in Maya.
One problem with that is, that zooming with ALT + RMB would need you to move the mouse from the vertical axis to zoom in and out. In maya it was horizontal. Is ther a way to set a parameter to zooming exactly in that way?

How can I see / expose (something like a) list of modified shortcuts. Is there a HUD or a list feature anywhere?

Also is there a plug-In to save these keymaps as PDF or such?

Thanks for your input in advance!

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Newer thought about mouse controlling something only vertical or horizontal…
The docu tells something about

Swap Y and Z Axes
Pan using up/down on the NDOF devices instead of forward/backwards.

But i have to think abou that… :frowning: … the only way i can think of to export the key settings is Export… (as Python script). Then you get something like :


(“view2d.zoom_out”, {“type”: ‘WHEELOUTMOUSE’, “value”: ‘PRESS’}, None),

Must be the base for all the PDF keyguides but none (i did found) does publish a script to convert to PDF…


I think your only option is to set this to Alt+RMB to the command “view3d.zoom”, also check “view2d.zoom” in the keymap editor.

But there seems to be no way to change this by default, that would need to be done through a Python script. You could ask developers who you know use Maya too, those would be most interested to work on something like this.

You could also look whether you can change Maya’s zoom around, it’ll probably be a short while till you have managed to retrain muscle memory. Or perhaps a dev will be able to script one for Maya.

I don’t think you can expose modified shortcuts, there’s no visual editor like in Maya.
Also, be sure to edit your hotkeys like this:
So Save preferences > Disable autosaving preferences > Make modifications > export keymap, revert back to saved settings > import keymap > set this as the active keymap > save preferences.

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First of all, thanks for your replies!

Okay, where do i find these people amongst the blender community? :smiley:

Thanks for your help!

You can set it in Preferences > Navigation > Zoom > Zoom axis


Thanks man! This helped a lot!

Good call, didn’t know that.

Yeah, the keymap editor is rather buggy at the moment, so you should use this approach for now. Go to preferences > factory reset. Though this also deactivates all addons. You might want to wipe the Blender version folder in %appdata\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender, but be sure to back up everything first.

Also, don’t activate/ deactivate addons, it’ll duplicate your keymap.


Thanks to you, too!


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