Maya - moving objects with joints makes the objects deform

I am following a tutorial for making a desk and lamp in a room. I want to move my lamp from the floor to the table, but because I have joints on the lamp, whenever I move or rotate it (even if I select everything involved in it), it comes apart and deforms. How can I fix this?


well, in blender, i would say parent everything to an empty and move the empty.
never used maya so i wouldnt know, but im sure there is a similar object…a “Null” object, maybe?

not that theres anything really wrong with posting this here (it is after all in the “Other Software” forum), but for maya help you should ask in a dedicated maya forum…

Thanks. I posted at CGsociety, but I’m new there, so there’s a validation process of 24 hours. I guess I’ll try some others.

I thought that in Maya you just wiggle your nose, click your heels together three times, and say, “Move this character over here. And make him a real boy.” And it’s done. I didn’t realize you had to actually go to the trouble of MAKING anything.
I don’t understand what all the money’s for, then…

(In Blender, you would just select the Root bone, and then move that. The model moves with it. Or, like a previous said, you parent the Root to an empty (or Null) and move that. Sort of like strings and handles for a puppet…
But Blender is complicated. You have to actually know what you’re doing.
And it’s FREE.
No wonder the “PROs” scoff at it…:p)

Are you in Maya equivalent of “Pose mode”? Long time since I used it, years exactly, and it was only for a short course. I would guess you’re somehow animating it instead of transforming the object and weights may be wrong, leading to deforms?

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Jeez this “we piss on you cos you made tea with coffee maker instead of blender” attitude.

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Is your problem that you have “double influence” when you move? both the object and the joints? can you move just the joints? or just the top node in the hierarchy? or group everything and move the group? In move options there is also a “preserve child transform”.

Well, I got the lamp to where I wanted it. The stand and the lamp were separate, so I moved the groups separately. The joints were part of the lamp, so I was able to select those in the outliner window and suddenly moving and rotating it didn’t tear everything apart.

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Bria, I hope you weren’t too offended, and glad you figured out the problem.
Does Maya not behave the same way when it comes to parent-child relationships?
As I think I said before, the important thing with an object that has a lot of moving parts is to find the bone that is the root. It serves as the base of a bone system, and you can move the whole bone system (armature) around by moving that one root bone. So it’s important. You can also usually move a character around that way, which can be pretty confusing at first.
I don’t know how different Blender is from Maya, but the great thing about Blender is that, since it’s free, it has a giant user community. And there are limitless tutorials (which are often very good) on YouTube, CGCookie, and BlenderGuru that will show you how to do all kinds of amazing things.
And most Blenderheads aren’t as annoying (or clueless) as me…
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Glad you’re learning Blender. If the other Mayans find out, though, the Maya Corporation might loose some dues money…

Then why the hell are you posting in a thread about Maya? It’s in the “other software” forum, the dude has done nothing wrong. Anyone worth their salt uses both apps and more, and basically, COULD EVERYONE QUIT TROLLING THE POOR DUDE?

Sheesh! The Blender Artist community is really going downhill these days.

Did you skip that part?

So Freen, you animated “Sintel,” a film that, if you go back to your thread on “Was Sintel realistic-looking or not” you’ll find my post and see how obvious it is that I adored it, even compared it to some of the greatest classics of literary history. And that film was posted online to be viewed for free.
And I would guess that you probably are also a developer of Blender. A program which is free.
It was “Sintel” (and “Big Buck Bunny”, but especially “Sintel”) that convinced me that Blender could do anything that the other programs could do, or could at least do them well enough that garage-animators could hope to enter the age of CGI. That one doesn’t have to work at Pixar, or some other huge animation company, to make computer animation. That computer animation is NOT the exclusive domain of an elite class of privileged rich people (or their parents) who have the money to pay for the software, or grad students trusted with downtime access to a computer lab. Or pirates.
That, in fact, anyone with the drive, the creativity, the endurance, the patience, and the love to do so, can make an animated film, as long as they have a story that they really want to tell, and determination to learn the techniques.

Are you saying that I’ve been wrong about all that all along? That Blender is not the great democratizing artistic force that I felt it was? That, really, what you need is to drop a couple of grand first to buy some other piece of software? Otherwise, one who doesn’t will never be “worth their salt”?

I admit, I misunderstood the whole point of the thread. I had no idea there was a whole section here devoted to non-Blender software. There isn’t even a section for Cycles. I sort of just wandered in because wysiwyg made me laugh with a post a while back, cracked up when I saw wysiwyg’s post, and got a little ridiculous. I thought the OP was trying to figure out how to do something in Blender. And I apologized for my attitude before you climbed up on my skull.

But now I feel like Jesus just dropped in from on high to say that I’ll never get into heaven because I wasn’t in the right union.
I’m not saying that Maya is bad. I saw your Maya animation, and it looks great. And so does “Sintel.”
I’m POOR. But if you “donate” $2000, I’d be more than pleased to buy Maya. Then I could be in the BlenderArtists “in” crowd, and you wouldn’t scream at me for my stupid writing in this section.

There is no “elite”. Animation has always been lonely and long job which you can do perfectly fine without any studio or even software. Get a lump of clay and couple of sticks (free), super 8 camera (almost free) and roll of film (20 euros with development) and get going. Reason why “elite” art schools are useful is because when they’re good they teach one to think, give harsh critique (and force one to take it) and set high standards. Good book and relentless self-critique can do the same thing (Animator’s Survival Kit, for example). But usually it’s hard to see faults in one’s own babies.

Point is that chosen tool does not matter and only individual skill counts. And therefore attacking tools is in bad taste. If you look at some forums where pros hang out, you will see that work is critiqued quite mercilessly, tools are talked about dispassionately and critique is accepted without defenses. If you look at some hobbyist forums you’ll see that work is not critiqued, everything is praised and tool of choice is paraded around. I’m not saying it’s somehow bad to be a hobbyist and better to be a pro, it’s just the difference between job and hobby. Plumbers are not fanatic about their wrenches, but suburban dad might be.

Day job professionals don’t care what tools are used as long as they get the job done. When one gets paid for the work, the price of tools (software, cameras, pens, paper etc) has lot less weight. And reason for many to use Blender as part of the pipeline is not the price anymore but the quality of it (in some parts).

This was too vague of an answer but thread has become vague anyhow.

No, Hevonen, I thought that was a very good and well-thought-out answer. And I agree with the spirit of it. I think you’re right.
BTW, how much does Maya actually cost? And, is there a way to get it without spending an arm and a leg, or without being burned at the stake in public by Homeland Security? I do hear a lot of good things about it. And, chances are, most of my favorite movies were probably made with the thing.
But, again, I was being silly. It’s sort of like only owning an old Mustang and spitting any time you see a Maserati drive by. You love your old Mustang. But you wouldn’t admit that you’d hock the thing if someone loaned you their Maserati every once in a while…
And I’m not such a total purist anyway. I have friends on YouTube who make tutorials in 3dsMax and I watch those as often as Blender tutorials. I don’t always get exactly what they are talking about, but as I’ve told them before, many of the tools are becoming very similar, what with all the new Blender addons… It is, however, neat to see what techniques other softwares use to do things. Sometimes it gives me ideas to try doing things in Blender in a different way…

Anyway, where did Bria go? Did they accept his/her registration at “Maya” or did I just completely scare him/her off?
Bria, I was only teasing you. You’re welcome here. This isn’t mostly the home of complete tools, regardless of reputation. Mostly…

Hahah, lol, that would be a cool program, wouldn’t it? :smiley:

That’s why George Lucas likes his job so much…:slight_smile: