Maya PLE for linux - can't get.

Autodesk has stopped support linux platform for maya ple since 8 version. I need to learn maya, but I don’t want to hack, patch or keygen the software. Can anybody help me with such a problem. Possibly someone has Maya 7 PLE?

Thank you.

Try to run it with wine ?! not on linux and i do not know if will work

I tried. Nothing is good. 3d-view is black.

Hey, Not sure if this includes the linux version…
But, Learning Maya 7: Foundation (Paperback) $31.26 @
Comes with a DVD!

“…The companion DVD includes instructor-led tutorials, scene files, artist interviews, and Maya PLE. Also includes Alias’s Sketchbook Pro Version 1.1.1, $129.99 value.”

Might be worth a shot if you want to learn Maya bad enough :wink:


Thank you very much.