maya preset problem

Hi, I set my navigation and keys to the maya preset and noticed an odd behaviour maybe someone can help me fix. Lets say I start a new session and add some objects to the scene. If I hit “A” it will select all the objects, and “A” again will deselect, working as expected. Now with the maya preset you have the option of deselecting by just left clicking on empty space. However after I do that then the “A” select hotkey seems to be broken.

I looked at the python console and it looks like after I used the mouse deselect that it reassigned the “A” “select all action” to the last “select all action” that was made. Meaning that if you start the program and use “A” in the console it will say the action was to toggle. Now lets say you deselect with mouse, then press “A”, nothing happens and in the console you’ll see the action for “A” is now deselect instead of toggle. Same thing happens when using select inverse (which is a type of select all).

I tried to see if it was doing this in the blender default settings and it is not.

the screen below shows the console and maybe helps explain better what I’m trying to say, a red dot means the command I pressed was “A”, it changes its actions to the last one used.

Anyone have a fix? is this a bug?


Ok, I figured out a solution. I exported the maya preset as a key config, took a look inside and noticed that the deselect and invert function had a line after it that changed the action state, but the function for select all with “A” did not, so I added this line
“ = ‘TOGGLE’” after the “A” select all function, this seems to have fixed that issue. Here’s the fixed maya preset, the only thing that was changed from the maya preset was that line.

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