MAYA Question

hi I have problem with maya personal learning edition.

In the tutorials and opening movies you see the program have a

‘Manipulator tool’ when you scale more or transform but i can’t see the tools at all. ( the X, Y, Z tool that is red green and blue) tool that are used to move
rotate and scale etc…

anyone can help? very appreciated

Erm maybe try a Maya forum.

Cause Blender is what’s used here :smiley:

I’d start here, in the downloads section, great stuff on Maya. And its free too!
I haven’t used Maya for quite some time, so I’d feel bad helping you out. Try there, should answer all your questions.

And this specific forum is labeled “other software” and it’s made for this exact purpose. :wink:

Use the “W”, “E”, and “R” keys to change betwen “grab”, “rotate” and “scale” mode, use the numpad “+” and “-” to increase or decrease the manipulators size

maya sucks…get 3d max studio



stick with maya…its da shiznit…(spoke too soon)