Maya rig to blender

Hi. Id like to use valves maya rig for use in blender as i prefer blender. does anyone know how to do that? im fine with using plugins in both blender and maya.

ive tried making my own rigs but most of the time the animations end up looking messed up on valve models when i do that (in engine, tf2, sfm, etc) (but not on other models with the same armature for some reason…)

See if you can’t export it / an animation as bvh, smd, psk/psa, fbx, dae, insert other formats shared by Maya export and Blender import.

Aren’t there Source tools for Blender out there somewhere? The vast majority of mods for Source Engine games are made with Blender and Valve is a contributor to the Blender Foundation so there’s got to be Blender Source tools around.