Maya style navigation

I much prefer Maya’s mouse/keyboard basic navigation to manipulate the view. But I like to use the stock Blender shortcuts for Scale(s), Rotate®, etc because those are easy adaptations. Is this possible? If i choose maya preset in user preferences stock Blender shortcuts for Scale(s), Rotate®, etc are all gone. I only want to navigate like Maya. I want all other blender shortcuts available. Is this possible?

Just change whatever shortcuts you want in the User Preferences / Input settings

The Splash Screen has Maya presets available in a dropdown.


A small thing you can do to partially get closer to Maya is to check “simulate 3-button mouse” in User Preferences -> input. This makes alt+LMB work as MMB, which in effect imitates Maya’s cam rotate buttons.
To actually change your navigation keys, you would tweak things 3d View->3Dview (Global).
Note that this doesn’t change the navigation in any of the 2D windows, which may be awkward.

May I ask why you prefer the Maya setup, if it’s anything else than pure habit?

I’ll make an objective case for Blender’s setup: Having the constantly used cam-rotate tied to MMB enables you to change angles whatever your keyboard-hand happens to be doing. And in Blender, your keyboard hand will be all over the place, all the time.
This includes using numpad for a lot of navigation-related commands, which basically excludes simultaneous use of the Alt-button.

When I return to Maya, it feels like my hand is tethered to Alt (not even Alt Gr!) by the thumb, if I don’t want to get stuck in my current camera angle.
I can’t think of any practical upside to this, but my mind is open:)

thank you for the replies. one last question. when selecting vertices in top view i am pressing b and selecting the half of a torus for example. it select the top vertices , bottom ones left unselected. this is weird. in maya if i do that it selects all the vertices including the top ones and bottom ones. am i missing something?

and yes i am a maya guy who is trying to learn blender =)

I had to stop using Blender while learning Maya! :wink: It helped to think of Maya as alt-key centered and Blender as MMB centered, FWIW.

Shaded mode = backface culling, I think. Switch into wireframe mode (z key) and see if that selects all. It works that way in 2.62 for me.

I’m pretty sure there used to be a dedicated backface culling button, but this does seem more intuitive, actually. EDIT: After seeing the response below I looked again and the “limit selection to visible” button only appears in Edit Mode.

You likely have the default setting of the 3D View active that limits selection of elements to what are visible from the direction you are viewing. In Edit Mode this is the button after the selection modes on the header.

Your options in this case are to switch to wire view (recommended since this actually has a keyboard shortcut already) or to deactivate limit selection by clicking the button on the header.