Maya to Blender 2.5 Hotkey Modifying (Updated 19 May 2011)

Here is the latest Maya preset file.

Click here to download the updated py file. (29624)

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I cant open the movie, vlc player, mplayer, xine, with linux.
What kind of codec are used?

By mib

This is exe file which contains flash animation that shows what keyboard shortcuts need to be changed to be similar to maya… so, it won’'t work with linux (maybe under wine…)

Its not a good idea to post .exe files. For one I wouldn’t open it because I don’t know what its going to do (I don’t regard you as a trustworthy source as I don’t know you) and if you want to post some video, do it in a cross platform format at least.


You’re right. *.*exe is very dangerous extention. But this is not a video file. I changed the link. Swf version now. :yes:

Thanks a lot for the tutorial. Is there a way to map the transform manipulators to the W E R keys ? And is there a way to make Blender deselect everything once you click on an empty area, instead of hitting the A key every time you want to deselect everything ?

 Thanks in advance

I think QWERTY mode isn’t ready yet. I couldn’t find them yet. But I prefer the following settings for now:

1-You can change the translate, rotate and scale mode without manipulator. To do this go to View3D and change the settings below for your preference.

2-For the full screen, go to Screen and change the hotkey as (ctrl + spacebar)

3-For select and deselect faces, verts etc. go to EditMesh and change the hotkey as below. In this way you can select and deselect using middle mouse button. (For now)

4-For the object selection and deselection go to Object Mode and change it (same as below.) You can now select and deselect objects using right mouse button.

5-If you don’t want to delete your objects using x, then go to Object Mode and change it. (same as below)

6- If you want to duplicate as in Maya, go to Object Mode and change the hotkey as (ctrl + d)

7-For inserting keyframe like Maya, go to Object Mode and change it.

When Blender 2.5 gets ready, we 'll have the opportunity to change every hotkeys for our own needs.

Thats kindasorta what i do to get Blender to behave more like Max. Apart from saving keymaps, theres are only a few things missing:

1. “Exclusive” mode for borderselect, so it doesn’t add to the old selection

2. Being able to deselect all by clicking on empty space (i’m not sure if they’re gonna add that at all) @r9onaldo - In case for some reason this isn’t added, a custom operator could be written, or you could try moving the deselect key from A to RightClick. It’s not as comfortable, but it’s not so bad.

3. @r9onaldo - changing manipulator mode doesn’t work yet. But it will be added, because there’s a hotkey for it on 2.4x (CTRL+Alt+G/S/R) Demohero’s suggestion is about free translation/rotation/scale, which is also changable.

4. Needs the adjustable “vertex radius” i nagged about in the 2.5 dev thread:

Thanks for the replys guys, I hope they add the feature of deselecting by clicking on an empty area it would be very useful.

The only thing I would incorporate into blender is the right click marking menu from maya, and hotkeys for changing the transform manipulator. CTRL + Space feels very cumbersome.

Here is the link which shows the power of the marking menus: :rolleyes:

I thought of one more thing - a “key release” event for some special keymap cases. In order to properly add the “clear selection when clicking empty space” thing, it should only be triggered after a release event. Otherwise it would always clear the selection when you decide to do a lasso, which is not right.

I thought marking menu’s (MM) were patented by alias way back when (so they’d now be owned by autodesk). Pie menu’s are generally considered public domain, but MM’s aren’t.

Assuming the blender devs throw caution to the wind and implement MM’s, they’d have to avoid the main problem with maya’s version, lag.

Maya MMs are scripted in mel, and are very slow. They have problems recognising quickly drawn gestures, so constantly misfire. The end result is they work exactly like the video demonstrates with pie menu’s, you need to be slow and accurate to wait for the MM code to do its thing, very annoying.

btw, thanks demohero for starting this project, very useful!

Now to figure out how to get Maya to behave like Blender…

( sez a frustrated Blender user who’s in the middle of learning Maya’s clunky icon based interfaced. You call that a graph editor? Gimme my IPOs back!)

Why don’t you ask Autodesk? I’m sure they’d be more than happy to add that feature for you, or any user-suggested feature for that matter :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, thanks for your guide, I’d like to note that the zoom function in blender doesn’t quite work the same as maya’s, in maya I drag the mouse right/left whilst pressing alt to zoom, but in blender its up/down. Is there a workaround for this ?

They’re called F-curves in Blender now;)

Pesho, does the radius border select only select verticies near the corners, near the start and end of the mouse drag, or around the box itself, and shouldn’t a third verticie be selected judging from what seems how it works?

@CD - Nah, you got me all wrong. The border select box doesn’t have a “Radius”, verticies do. Right now you’re able to click on a vertex even if your cursor is 10 pixels away from it:

This radius (shown in red) is there for “snapping convenience”, but in some cases it’s in the way, so it needs to be adjustable. Now let’s compare the same operation between Blender and Max:



On Max you have to click on the exact pixels where the vertex is drawn, otherwise it won’t get selected. This can be considered as the smallest possible vertex radius.

There is no solution (I think). In Maya, you can zoom both alt+right-left and alt+up-down. Getting accustomed to up-down combination in Blender is the only choice right now.

One of the main things that’s keeping me in hold of maya is its navigation system, once you get hooked to it you really can’t go back… I think I’ll wait for a patch for this, bummer