Maya to Blender alembic file creates a blotchy mesh. Please help!

Hi guys, I exported an alembic animation file from maya to blender. For some reason, the mesh in the animation is coming out insanely blotchy. I’ve tried recalculating normals, which did not work. Any help?

As a note, when I rotate the camera around the object, the blotchiness is changing, kind of like how static will move around on a tv screen…

•Are you exporting from Maya’s cache pull-down?

•Are you expanding “Alembic Export” to make sure you’re only exporting a single object (selected object)?

The second point is important as it kinda looks like you have a second mesh competing with the the other.

Thanks, checking with my maya animators to see how they did it. Is there a correct way to export it, and an incorrect way? I’d like to give them some guidance, if so.

Alembic Export Pulldown

Not really as each option has it’s own use cases. If you are using “Export selection to alembic” just make sure you have only the items you want exported, selected. If you use export all you risk exporting items that you may not want to export.

Also exporting may not be where your trouble is happening, it could very well be on the Blender import side, but without a project file it’s hard to guess what exactly is happening.
Saying that, export and importing alembics is pretty straight forward.

Edit: Looking at your screen shots closer I think I see the issue and I believe I had this similar thing happen on a pair of alembic pants when exporting from Maya to Blender. Some mesh quads will look almost transparent but are obviously there when checking edit mode.

I can’t remember how I exactly resolved the issue but I believe it was a viewport shader issue.
-Can you try using the weighted normal modifier with “Keep Sharp” checked and see if that helps?
-If it is a viewport shader issue try cycling through the Viewport Shader pulldown and cycle through the different “Color” options towards the middle.
Sorry I couldn’t help past this as I have totally forgot how I resolved that, but maybe one of the Maya Ninjas on here could help you further.

Also Check if there is any weird modifier type setting not applied before export in Maya.

Tried all of the options here, but didn’t solve the issue… Thank you though. Anyone else have a suggestion? There shouldn’t be any duplicate meshes, so I don’t think that is the export issue…

I got it to work. I just needed to switch view from perspective/orthographic projection. Thanks Tim!

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You’re welcome. And I’m glad you got it to work! I’ll put your fix in the brain bucket for next time.

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Couldn’t have figured it out without your suggestion about viewport settings causing the issue.

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