Maya to Blender (can and can't do)

I’m jumping to Blender for some tasks, but I’m having some difficulties with basic things.

-UDIM support, even if it’s using texture coordinates. I tried using some masks with ColorRamp node but it’s complicated.

-Modal Sensitivity. Since I don’t do environments, I set up my scene in cm, but now all my modals are unuseable, even if I use Shift for more control. Is there a place to tune modal sensitivity?

-Light linking. Things like hiding objects from lights, from reflections only, etc. On a per object basis.

-Color Space input. Currently there are options for input function transforms (log, liner, gamma), is there a way to manage primaries as well (sRGB, rec.2020, AP1, AdobeRGB)?

I have more questions but these are the more critical for me. Thanks for the help!

If by “Modal Sensitivity” you mean the sensitivity to mouse movement in the bevel and inset tools when the object has some kind of non-unit scale, I just committed a fix to 2.8 master to fix that.

In Blender 2.7x, “light linking” used layer-specific lights. The “layers” are “those groups of very small buttons,” and both the light and the objects have them. The light considers only those objects with one or more layers that match its own.

Thanks howardt, I saw the commit will reinstall as soon as merged.

@sundialsvc4, I’m in 2.80 beta, you mean View Layers? So I create two layers? One with everything except the object, and another with the object and all the lights that I don’t want excluded? Looks complicated, I found this link here, maybe it gets implemented

About the color space input I think I can make some math nodes to convert color spaces, but the UDIM support is the only thing refraining me from connecting the robust Blender modeling tools and the superb render engines supported, it should be a priority feature to implement but I read a few weeks ago that it’s slated to v2.81?

I’m afraid that I’m speaking of a 2.7x feature and “I’m learning 2.8 by the seat of my pants too.” :smiley: