Maya to Blender hotkey Translations?

Hello all!

I’m a professional 3D Artist who is trying to learn Blender, to teach it to a class in January. I’ve bought a few books and read the tutorials in there, but nothing seems to quite explain things the way I’m hoping. So, if there are any Maya users, could you help me compile a quick Maya -> Blender translation list? Also, what tools in Maya are called in Blender / where to find them? This could also be helpful for future Blender users! :slight_smile:

Mostly looking for poly modeling tools.

Format is as follows:

Maya: RMB + alt = zoom camera
Blender: MMB + ctrl = zoom camera

Maya: Split Polygon Tool (Edit Mesh -> Split Polygon Tool)
Blender: ??? (Where to find it?)

and so forth!

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