Maya to blender...

Is there a plug in that would allow me to import a maya model to blender? Or would there be a way to export Mayas to Direct X? So that i could then import that into blender?

I know this pose doesn’t belong here but i need some rather fast answers.

EDIT: Sorry for the useless answer.

Ok, sorry dude but you just activated my immature side.

Do you think i am dumb? If there was a built in importer for maya. Would i be asking if there was a damn external importer? I am fluent in Blender. I know what it can and can’t import. That is WHY i am asking this, because it doesn’t have an importer built in…

And i guess out of all of the plug in and python scripts available for Blender, there isn’t one that imports maya. Come on… I know there is. omg

no, there isn’t. Maya is a proprietary format. You’ll have to use .obj or something similar which retains UVs (assuming you need UVs). There are very few scripts that I know of that will import bones and animations fully - this is fairly consistent with most programs sharing from one format to another. Blender can export .fbx, but it’s still in development. it can import/export Collada, which is more complete, but I don’t know if Maya can do that.

Alas, there are some applications (I’m looking at YOU, 3ds Max) that go out of their way to make it virtually impossible for other applications to load their proprietary file formats.

Maya format comes in two styles, Maya binary and Maya ascii. The binary format is impossible to work with but the ascii one isn’t. I wrote a camera exporter in a few days for Blender. I have considered how much it would take to do a general import/export and I don’t think it would be so much difficult as just a lot of tedious work, saving out something in Maya and figuring out the equivalent in Blender.

It would be a very useful script though so I might have a go sometime but in the mean-time, Cambo wrote an fbx import/export script and I think that should cover most of what is needed.

Ok what ever, i guess i learned a little bit there.

Ok umm, does anyone know were or have a model of a Star Wars Walker? The big 4 legged mech in “Empire Strikes Back”

I am doing kind of a school project over it, and i told my teacher i can do this model on the computer and i am doing the first part, the wintery screen. But yeah…any ideas or models? ‘free’?

or u could just model it. it dosnt seem like it would be that hard

I could model it, but iam just trying to save some time…

search turbo squid?

hmm, funny thing. The only free one turbo has is maya… hmm funny huh? Yep ive checked turbosquid.