Maya UV toolkit optimize option in blender?

Maya has this neat thing where, If I want to maximize the use of my UV space I can soft select/grab a UV island and stretch it more or less uniformly to fill in most of the empty space around it (until it almost touches next island). Then I would deselect island edges leaving the rest of the uv island selected and click unfold and optimize. What happens is that Maya would then unfold the mesh correctly within limits of that arbitrarily stretched island while keeping the texel density the same across all unfolded regardless of their stretched size. Not sure if I explained it very good but that’s how it works. I was wondering can Blender do that?

In blender UV’s can be pinned and other UV can be unwrapped and attach to those pinned UVs. But you have to investigate this very closely, because i also have to play with this every time… Look in the docu for at UV sync selection, live unwrap, pinning UVs , UV selection mode… there are also some nice addons for UV… (Sadly resize by individual origins doesn’t work for UVs even if shared vertex is disabled… it works only if the real geometry is split)
Edit: and i don’t know Maya .