Sorry that this is not related to Blender - a wonderful program! I just use Maya right now for work-related purposes and I have a question regarding Maya that I posted on CG Society and wondered if anybody here who knows about Maya could help me.

My question: I have Maya 2009 and have been using it for over a year. Recently, last couple of days, it has been freezing on me when I do anything: add an edge loop, extrude, etc. . It does not do this for any particular scene, rather any scene I open in Maya.
It doesn’t make sense that it’s been working for over a year and all of a sudden it stops. I have deleted the preferences folder to “restart” the application, and it still continues.
Does anybody have any idea? I am going mad! Haha, really it is very irritating. I am in the works of an interior room of a boy and I would very much like to continue working on it without it freezing… I can’t accomplish anything at all. So please, I would really love some advise quickly. I want to get as much work done in the next few days because school does not start again until Monday…
Thanks in advance guys!

Maya makes pretty hefty use of the Graphics card for just the normal viewport stuff. No updates to drivers?

Try a virus scan as well. Take a look at your CPU usage when you’re running maya and doing something and see how your CPU usage / memory usage looks when you’re adding a loop.

Maybe try increasing your page file.

Thanks for the replies guys!
What do you mean by “increasing your page file”?
The strange thing is that it just recently began to happen. I am suspicious that it is Firefox - I haven’t updated it in a while and it freezes on me sometimes.
My computer specs are something along the lines of: intel duel core quad, 4 gigs ram, a lot of harddrive gigs. So I don’t think it is my computer specs that are the problem. It is possibly a particular application (Firefox?). I’ll keep you posted. Any other suggestions though?


maya is a magical mystery machine sometimes… I do a lot of work with 8.5 which is way flakey!
(corporate clients who fear upgrading because their tool chain may not work as expected mean I.m using a five year old version of the program! - a shame as 2009 has many crucial bugfixes!

things go fundamentally wrong on an almost daily basis… the road to success is often to do basic things…

delete your preferences ( I know you’ve done that!)

restart your computer and don’t run any other programs… does maya still have an issue? (that’ll eliminate firefox from the equation)

try going into the plug in manager and making sure maya isn’t loading any plugins, if it works corrcetly try re-adding plug ins one at a time until it no-longer works again…

Maya binaries suffer from “bit rot”… the more you work on a file adding and deleting nodes the more crap gets added that is redundant data…some files can just become un-usable over time. (it’s amazing what you see in a maya binary if you look in a hex editor)

To fix that:
export your scene as a maya asci and use that instead (it’s a format that whilst slower to read and write is at least human readable and doesn’t get overloaded with crap!)

finally check through your scene with a fine tooth comb and delete any and all un-necesary nodes, try also “delete all be type —> history” as well to remove cruft!

Thinking about it, you may want to try my advice in a different order!

I feel your pain! I constantly fight that collada and the cgfx plugins are in-compatible, not to mention the clients toolchain is all hard coded paths so when it’s migrated from project to project everything breaks …and the people who wrote large chunks of the pipeline are no longer on staff!

every user on my project has maya consistently breaking in ways unique to them… it’s like we each have our own personal hell!

WTF?! How would FF affect your Maya and how a non-updated app of any kind would suddenly begin to act strangely? Strange things may happen after updates, not while everything runs ok…

Most likely you’ve got some trojan or something and it’s affecting performance of both FF and Maya.

Sadly not true at all!

whilst i agree in general that other software shouldn’t affect each other… maya will often behave very different when you run other software at the same time… it often doesn’t like it and gets jealous…

Actually, I’ve noticed that blender doesn’t like running with gimp on windows… (fine on linux!) so it’s not just a maya thing…

closing maya and re-opening it is like rolling a dice! (especially with lots of additional tools… updates may well have nothing to do with it)

opening a maya binary by double clicking on it is different to opening it from the file menu, is different to drag and drop… all of these cases make maya initialise differently so plug ins may load in a different order or whatever… there are so many things that could go wrong without any software updates that you wouldn’t believe!

the truth is there are many ways it can mysteriously break over night (or even fix itself!)

it doesn’t help that deleting nodes doesn’t always completely remove them and so what once worked can mysteriously break from accumulated junk!

Thanks guys!
Okay I am narrowing the Maya… problem down, at least slightly. I have found when I want to smooth preview (numpad 3) a more complex object, or a simple cube stretched with edge loops and extrusions, Maya lags for a bit. I will continue to keep you posted, but this is a definite contribution to the problem. Any ideas?