Mayan Statue

Simple scene :slight_smile:


That looks great! Love the texture/materials that you used! Great job. Did you have any reference images or did you make up the creature all yourself?

thanks :slight_smile:
My inspiration for this picture was real photo.

hmm… only crit I could give is the edges are too sharp and it needs a bit more subdiv. Other than that it looks awsome.

Looks very good 8)

Was the eye part a texture or was that modelled in?
Could you post a wireframe?

Wish I could do that :expressionless:

The image lacks depth at the mouth of the statue and it could indeed use a bit more subdivision, but the texturing: :o
I also agree that it is a simple scene, but it’s absolutely a lovely one.

there IS a link to wire below images :wink:

God job but I agree with Jackblack that the edges are too sharp.

I know, sharp edges, but if I apply subsurf then texture (uv maping from window) has error maping on it in edges. I will try something with it.

Looks great :smiley: Sharp edges have been mentioned, so I have no crits. 2 comments tho:

  1. I love the lighting, and how it matches the background :wink:
  2. I tried to rotate the view in the wireframe screenshot XD

version with subsurf, but texture is a little worse. :-?

If you used procedural textures, with UV maps as stencils, the texturing wouldn’t be a problem, methinks. (I assume the texture is a map).

The model looks better with subsurf, though.

It looks great!

I liked the mouth much better before subserfing, and everything else after.

Also, the texture stretches around the edges of the mouth. To fix: add a couple of extra edge loops around the edges of the mouth. This will prevent the stretching and get back that great jagged-rock look at the corners of the mouth.

RnRinRL: You’re looking at the eyebrow plumes. The eye is the round thing directly above the last two teeth.

wow looks so real- good job there

Absolutely lovely work. So simple yet so effective.

My only comment would be to try and add a bump map (or rather a hole map). Most of Mayan and Incan statues were made of sandstone which is very prone to erosion. So it would get pitted over the years by rain. Perhaps you can intruduce some “scars” on the top of the model or someting. That would, IMO, make it a bit more photo realistic. But as is, it is superb work.


new idea

Lol, I haven’t posted for a while, but I can’t pass this by. :wink:

Really cool concept + Good graphics + Okay composition = Great picture!

My only thing I would crit is the fact this the pic feels a little flat. It’d be nice to see some more ruins/buildings in the background to give you a sense of depth. You get the feeling that the head is floating 100 ft. in the air above mountains. :-? However, that’s the only thing that strikes me as a little strange. The pic is definitely one of the better things posted in the Finished Works forum in the last few weeks and I’m really happy you showed it to us.

Great work! Keep it up. :wink:

:o :o