Maybe a BUG [Solved]


I am using the current Blender version 2.45 under WinXP Pro Sp2 and today I found some strange behavior.

To model a building I added 3 plane with views of the original one(Front, Side, Top).
Than I added a cube object and would like to algin the vertex positions to the
original building size.
When I drag one vertex alonge one axis - lets say the x-axis - the vertex changes the
z-value and snap on the plane! This is kind of boring, because I want it to stay at the same place except for the x-axis. See the image for an impression.

Is this normal? Can it be turned of?

PS: If I move the vertex out of the plane “influence” the z-value goes back to the starting value.


This is expected behavior if “Retopo” is activated (editing panels, F9). Turn it off.

Wow, this is just an easy answer.

Thanks for your quick response!