Maybe a bug

I hope this is right place for my question. I couldnt see any bug report tread.

Maybe, I have a bug in my iMac - Blender - 2.48

Many times I have been using this tutorial <>
Tut say, make one eye UV Sphere - Segment 8 - Rings 8 - Smoth out - subsurf . Yes I have.
My sphere is not round ?? Why.

Can you lock at my blender file and advice me

Thank you.


Not Round_.blend (125 KB)

Its the subsurf modifier. Don’t use subsurf, just create a more densly meshed sphere.

It’s the subsurf modifier. A UV sphere turns into a bit of an olive shape when subsurfed. Scaling in the long axis will make the subsurfed version round. Add a circle object and scale to match the circle.

Not a bug. Subsurf is supposed to do that. It’s all those pointy triangles coming together at the poles of the UV sphere.

Thanks guys. Interesting, but still confusing. Every time I made eyes from Calvins Tutorial. I use UV sphere with 16 segment and 16 rings.

Duplicate - Scale - rotate - Eyelids. Subsurf 3 times Upp.Eyelide, Low.Eyelide and the Eye. Everything is perfect round ???

Lock at my 2 screnshot Before subsurfe and after subsurf.

Maybe I need to use at least 16 segment and rings.


untitlCalvin.Eye.blend (161 KB)