Maybe auto-close old threads?

From my observation year(s)-old threads suddenly getting reactivated by some random (and hardly ever meaningful) post seems to be happening rather frequently as of lately.
Might well be due to new users attracted on the 2.8-wave. Anyway I personally feel it’s becoming somewhat tiresome.
Maybe the concept of auto-closing threads after a certain period of inactivity should be reconsidered.

And yes, I’m well aware, I could ironically have ripped a thread about exactly this from 2012 out of it’s shallow grave.

Any thoughts on this matter?

greetings, Kologe

@bartv would probably be a better person to reply to this with more information, but this idea has come up in the past. We do auto-close threads in some categories (like the ones in #jobs) and before the migration, we had a policy of auto-closing all threads that were (I think) greater than 1 year old. Of course, we often got requests from people who wanted to have their old threads re-opened because they started working their project anew.

Personally, I’m not all that bothered/distracted by these old threads that periodically pop up, but I can see how it may be an annoyance for some folks.

We can certainly do this, and use different policies per category if we want. However, it might be good to understand first why this is an issue - if replies are on-topic, what’s the problem?


I don’t like that idea at all. Since i allways look at the creation dates first, this is hardly a problem. They did this on CGTalk and close the threads after one year, which was really annoying. Let’s say someone does a search on a subject, found it and had a question. Then he has to open a new thread and point to the old thread as reference. At that point it gets comlicated and members are less willing to help.

On the other hand, i rather have the exact creation dates on each posts. Not a fan of those 1h, 1d, 1w type of thingy.


This is not the topic of this discussion, but if you hover over the indicator you’ll see the exact timestamp of a post:

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Never noticed it before, thanks

Is it possible to give the user a popup notification if they try and post in a thread x years old?

For example:
This thread is is x years and x months old; are you sure you want to submit your post?

I don’t think that’s supported now, but it’s an interesting idea, I’ll suggest it to Discourse.

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Some tools have evolved from early versions of Blender so i think it is relevant to continue discussion start on them.

I found myself replying to a few and it’s seem it help other in the process.

I think it s better not to close old threads.
The worst thing that can happen is that someone answers an old question and the original asker does not need the information anymore.
It might still be interesting for other people, though.

But if you close the thread nobody can ask anything in the thread anymore. If people have a related question it can be useful to build up on an existing thread.

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For reference, here’s my request on meta.discourse:

I also dislike (a lot) the idea to auto-close old threads.

This is very frustrating not being able to add comments to interesting topics (even if they are old) .
For example:

  • one might want to ask the author of an addon if he/she plans to update it for the latest Blender version
  • or one could want to compliment an artist who shared his/her render in the Artwork category
  • complete an information on a certain subject

A big no-no for me.