maybe i found some ways to render my blend pinup (nudity)

i begin to be glad with those renders. not so easy to make something beautifull when you’re happy with your girl mesh!:eyebrowlift:


WOW! Sexy baby :smiley:

Wowee! she is bodacious! Love the stylisation and the cell-shaded appeal :slight_smile:

Very glad you like the render! as it’s not easy for me.
I’m still in 2.49. The cell shading comes from a minnaert shader, AND an occlusion used with sky color (here black). also i used 3 lights: one with ray shadows, from the left, one pink very near from the face to show details, and a strong withe light without shadows. this gave me a trick into the mouth, but plays well with blur+bright to give a glow effect…

My only question is when did my wife have time to pose for these?

she asked me not to tell you…she’s very physically intelligent!