Maybe molecular ?

First one is the photograph, probably obvious. I’ve added particles using hair & a weight map but I need to pile up the cinnamon more, it’s a bit flat at the moment. I’ve looked at the Molecular addon not sure if I need to download it, seems a bit easier to get a pile-up of particles than using the particle emitter. One question I have is will I need to convert anything to objects when I have a final result to put it at frame 1 ?

Hope that makes sense.

Started trying to use the addon and have a slight problem, the particles share the same space and not pile-up ?

Did you check the “Size Deflect” option in the ‘Physics’ panel located under the ‘Physics’ properties?

Also, Pyroevil posted a 3 part Youtube tutorial explaining his molecular add-on, in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Thanks. Yes I have enabled self collision and size deflect, it seems to be upping the damping amount but this shouldn’t this mixed with friction help them bounce off each other less ?