Maybe some day ill finish this thing...

The seat is pathetic, but ive built like 10 seats over the course of a couple weeks and i cant get one that looks not stupid. Anyway, it is based on the macfarlane model of this bike, which just has a gray rubber seat like this, so screw it.

Still not sure how to do stickers.

Ill get it done someday damnit…

just wondering if you’ve ever seen akira, you should make the bike or bikes in that, if i could get a hold of a good pic of it, id try, but then again, i might end up like i always do… in the wip section. but nice work, really makes you wanna hop on a ride it. just confused on how the front wheel stays on.

Enos, I very much like the look of it. Nice, hi-tech and futuristic. Especially the windshield :slight_smile:

Though, it could be hard to drive this one, because your body is limited by the sides, so you would not be able to shift the weight for balance of the bike on tight corners… Just a nitpick though, I like the way it looks anyway.


Yeah!! another one of Kaneda’s bike!!! sweet work. The seat looks kinda alright. I keep forgetting to grab a copy of AKIRA on dvd…

Erm, Muzzy, it IS from akira :slight_smile: