Maybe someone can help?

I tried updating Blended Cities 0.433 to include the choice to choose an image map for developing roads again. While looking at the scripts for Blended Cities, I must say at first it looks very daunting. For one the variable naming system is horrible. I had must spent about 2 days just trying to figure out what the variable MGSC is used for.In result of figuring it out, I think it holds the settings for how the roads will be built, such as by mesh or image map etc, and yet I have no clue how that relates to MGSC, even used as an abbreviation. Maybe saying meshOrImageChoice would sound better.

Anywho, I did almost accomplished implementing the image maps method again, but I had to change a few things and copy old pieces of script from OCE 0.420t. I also fixed MGSC to hold the multiple choices foir road developing. Doing so on the other hand, I lost the ability to attach the road materials when using a image map for the road. In addition, building a road by mesh or using the create building feature now causes the script to spit out errors.

I thought I could bring back the image map road choice again, since the road mesh feature does not let you create difficult shapes. I even tried using the older version of Blended Cities, which was called OCE version 0.420t This script worked very well in respects to when choosing to build a road based off an image map that the mesh feature cannot accomplish with. However, OCE 0.420t does not support the new libraries that Littleneo and piichan have developed for the Blended Cities 0.43x series.

In returns, I am wondering if someone can help me fix my script, or if littleneo could just add the image map feature back. just for temporally while the mesh map feature is being fixed?

you can find my setup zipped file here


It’s just ignorance when you know your thread is not even being read. I understand it has barely been a full day, but I am not looking at it in response time. I am looking at it as no one has even clicked on my thread, and this has not been the first time. You say give it a few days, but that’s just ignorance when no one does not even want to read my threads not alone reply to them.
I would like to know what I have done to be ignored like this. I have posted other questions here, and approximately 99% of them have not been even read not alone replied to. Is it that no one else here thinks I appreciate there help? If that’s the case, then that’s just even more ignorance because I try my best to say thank you or try to give some kind acknowledgment when my threads are not buried so deep that I have to search for my own topic.

Please do not take this the wrong way, in such you think I expect an answer with the snap of my fingers. That is not the case. All I am asking for is at least for few people to read my question, let it sit in the forums for a few days and maybe by people passing it along to others someone who does know the answer can reply back. I mean if you look at in respects to live situation, how would you like it if you came up to me, tried asking a question, and I just ignored you and kept on walking, minding my own business like you never had asked the question? Don’t you think that’s just ignorance?

Please do not take this the wrong way

The View Counter showing how many people have looked at a thread does not work. I looked at this thread last night knowing I couldn’t help you and so I’m sure many others who thought they could also looked. Just be patient and give it time, then bump it again.


littleneo is very busy with a huge BGE project.
he has not forgotten about the script, but development is on hold.
piiichan, is similar busy, he is more looking to port the script to Blender 2.5, after Bmesh is ready.
mandoragon, has been doing some work on littleneo’s script.

Oh, please accept my deepest apology. I was actually basing the view counter as the amount of people reading my thread. This really good to know, for the near future. Also, thank you for letting me know about the updates on Blended Cities. I am glad to hear that Blended Cities will continue.

One other help full hint. I think I know why the mesh map theory cannot create complicated roads. From what I encounter, it looks like it is coming from beveling the sidewalks. As Blended Cities 0.433 stands now, when beveling is turned on, and you define some of the edges as a no road category, it creates horrible n-gons in these areas that have been define as no road category. However, setting the sidewalks not to bevel corners etc, is not as bad, for at least you can merge the vertices that are creating the n-gons.

So from what it looks like, there are 2 things. 1. Develop a better way the mesh is created on T-junctions, 4 way intersections. and road corners, so that the beveling algorithm works again. 2. The system needs a better way of defining edges of a meshmap for when it is not a road category, it just merges the vertices together.

I hope this gives littleneo some ideas on how to fix the meshmap in the next version, and that is of course when he has the chance.