Maybe "Yet another F1 Entry, Claude's first time" Re-started for fun :)

I know there are already many of these and I was not sure if it was worth trying as I have only been using Blender for… 2 months maybe and I probably wont finish in time… but I need a first serious (serious:p) project to do as I am bit tired of tutorials for now and I want to apply these tuts to something!

I am just trying to do something traditional and simple as not to get over my head too much, KISS principle, so here goes:

After many retry, I got that… that I could look at without poking my eyes out, it looks toy-ish but hey…:spin:

Find out I had no space for a cockpit or motor… so I had to stretch it, then decided to make top and side air vent, and a cockpit, remodel it so more or less match the shape of the front wing… and a quick paint job to check reflections.

It a humble start :slight_smile: , but it’s a learning experience. I need to rework the body a bit, a couple of triangles near the top air vent and on the side near the back wheel, and it’s a little flat between the 2 front wheel area… a lot to do and that’s just the body, next… suspension, direction, motor, the scene, my oh my!.. I knew you guys were good, but you guys are REALY good! … Oh, but at least I got wheels! (the rim for them is another story…).

Thanks for reading and watching, C&C are more then welcome!

Good start. It lacks details, and the air vents need to actually go further into the model rather than just curve it a bit. Your tires look good. Overall design is sweet. Could you post the orange material? I’d like to add it to my collection, for future use.


Thanks for the comments, the tires are 12k faces and are from the “rubber” textures from the same repository as below.

The car paint is temporary as I intend to UV map it, but it’s from the repository:

The side air vent will probably have a grill in front, not sure, but taken your comment (actually I just move them deeper as I saw your comment, I had not enough space for grills anyway! but I may make them deeper later :slight_smile:

I “think” I have cleaned up the body, thought it still need work (it never is perfect I guess). Done a very rough V10 motor and will start working on tire rim…

Here’s an update, I have created a nightmare of edge loop until I remember to put triangles inside the cockpit to stop these from propagating to the whole car :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a great day!

Edit: the top air vent is now too small, Need fixing!, it’s never finished!


i like the organic look, and the colour is brilliant, very nice paint job:)

do u mind me asking how i made that material?

Thanks, I am going for a animal like style body shape, if I get far enough and get UV mapping, I’ll show what I have in mind :slight_smile:

It’s from the repositary:
You would need to ask Paratron there how he did it, but you can download the blend file, open it, save it in a folder somewhere (mine is under Blender/General Texture) then on your own model do a “File” / “Append or Link/” Navigate to where you save the texture, select the file, go to material and middle mouse click it then assign it to what you want :slight_smile:

Great day to you!

i really like that orange material!

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Yep it’s really good. thanks to Paratron, here’s a old rander I hadn’t posted, it’s with a old poser 4 figure called Shakira I think, reminds me of a Andy Warol painting kinda :stuck_out_tongue: No offense to Mr Warol! And sorry for using a naked female… you know, you get the inspiration where you can…


Well, I have spent (wasted) a lot of time trying to get rid of an artifact on the side vent, I have no clue where it’s from, and it is still there…Back Burner. Still not happy with the body shape, need more tweeking but I stop myself as I wont find the perfect shape anyway.

Done a rough radiator for the side vent, not much but they are not really seen much, it’s mainly for reflection.

I have done the tire rim, I am far from happy with them. They are my first rim design and I made a lot of mistakes, some I could correct, some not without restarting over, and this was almost 3 hours work… so it stays for now. There are more details to do.

Gold, rubber and orange textures from .

The motor is very blocky, as it should as its mostly made of cube, more work to be done.

I have a problem in the front, not enough space between the wheel center and the bottom of the nose cone area there to put much suspension or gear, I guess I make the wheel smaller and wider to still keep rubbers on the ground… headache!

Cheerio all!


Thanks for watching :slight_smile:

P.S.: I am using an old Pentium 4, so I need to keep the poly count down, else my computer will reach out and strangle me :frowning:

Not much of an update but I found some nice pics for dismembered actual F1 at:
Note: Dont click if you are on dial up, a lot of fairly large pictures in this thread.
Ferrari F1 motors and body as well as many other cars.

As such I started poking holes in my mesh, and it was a mess! Redo, redo, redo. If someone as a better technique to make hole/extrude from a subsurf and curved surface, I would gladly hear it :)… I had to add a lot of geometry to the car body (from 604 faces to over 1100) to have the holes (actually extrude inward) not mess up the (too much) mesh of the nose, smooth wont work at all, unless I am using it wrong, still not perfect but but it almost does it for me. I feel it’s all for naught, and should have just stuck cylinder poking into the car body instead, a lot less problems and would probably look as fine (or bad, depending on your opinion :stuck_out_tongue: ). They can barely be seen anyway. Redone the body a little. Added rough disk break and caliper, barely visible, to the front wheel. Tried a yellow paint job to see if the artifact (right above the right (actually left if you are sitting in the car) wheel… but it’s still there and I cant find what causes it.

Here is the artifact… the grayish yellow on the side front vent just above the wheel in the right bottom corner, it seems to be just a reflection I just dont know of what, it’s more obvious when I use my room setup, but it’s still there without…but I decided not to get bothered with it anymore.

and a wire:

I’ll post the .blend file of the whole thing if someone cares, it’s not like I have any illusion of winning :stuck_out_tongue: I am just doing this to learn and to practice :slight_smile:

Also, all mat/texture aside from wall and floor from repository as posted in previews post. Credits to them!

C&C welcome, Thanks for watching!
Take care!

Oh well…

This is the end of this project, I am not happy with the model. Still problem with the nose where I made holes and I cant seem to fix it, back-top air vent, motor unfinished and not sure where I go from there, nice learning experience but if it hurts, stop doing it! :)… I am no big fan of cars and felt very little attachment to the project anyway, and this is starting to feel more like work then play, as such, it ends:

I have learned a couple of things from it, and I guess that counts :slight_smile:

I prefer airplane anyway so I’ll work on my own on an old US WWII prototype modified XP54 that I had started before. Just for fun I gave it the F1 color scheme I have used but I will not continue this WIP.

As usual, texture are not mine, thanks again to the repository for the orange, yellow, rubber, steel, etc, materials (links in previous post)!

As you can see, the “pouting mouth” of my airplane as similar shape as my F1 :slight_smile: It’s just a shape I like guess!

Good luck to all :slight_smile:

Thanks for those who have watched and commented, I’ll see you on the rebound side, maybe next year :slight_smile: !


You’re not leaving the challenge are you? There is still time to work this new version.

Yeah man, dont give up :slight_smile: Make a flying f1 instead :smiley:

Thanks for the encouragment Innactpro and tb1alexc,

The traditional F1 is for sure dead. I made 2 huge mistakes when I started… I chose a car (and I am not a car fan) and chose a traditional look (I know little of traditional F1). So I ended having to look at tons of picture, so I knew what I needed, the shape, the size, position etc.
A week ago I didn’t know the front of an F1 consist of a double wishbone, with a push pull rod and a steerring rod and that the hydrolics are hiden inside the nose. Interesting, but not to me. When I started to do the same with the motor (10 cylinders, inward tilt of mmm 10 degrees, extruded top, concave, spark plug in the middle…), I said stop. I have no interest in F1 motors so dont force myself into modeling one. :slight_smile:
It was becoming tooooo serious.

As for the modified XP54 (the fighter plane), I dont know, there is 1 month left, but I am just a beginner, so I am not sure I want to do that because I dont want to make modeling this plane un-fun. I intend to finish the plane but I do think it will take me more then 1 month (I actually like details, as long as it’s the right ones :slight_smile: )

So because I am a newb and time constraint I will continue on with my plane(s) but not with any illusion of making it into this year F1 contest :slight_smile:

Sorry for the long post!

Thanks to all and good luck!

Here’s where I am at with the plane, all color/textures temporary (just realized I forgot to have the camera in ortho lens so it looks weird, but this was with AO 10 samples on, so I am not redoing it for now:P ).

Thanks for watching!


Don’t give up DarkDays!!
I’m not a car fan either :slight_smile:
You have too much talent to let this go by. Just take something you love (aircraft) and apply it to F1 racing. The rules say it has to be from the future and it has to have an open cockpit.
Your work is fantastic. Never be afraid to start over. From scratch if need be. What you do only makes your skills stronger.

Please reconsider :frowning:


After a couple more tutorials and 2 weekends challenge and playing around… I came up with this…a mix of both models :eek:. Only a week to go, but it may be presentable even if no where near a contender :slight_smile: It’s only for fun anyway. And hey, a lot of flyers in this competition, but not many with propellers :smiley:

The background is a picture, which automatically disqualify me, but it just to give an idea.

Comments, as always are welcome :slight_smile:
Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for watching!

Yeah man that’s the spirit! Bring it on! :smiley:

Thanks Zordan,

Your entry is unbeatable so I appreciate your input :eyebrowlift:

I didn’t like the wing boom, too cartoonish… so here is my latest update, more re-use! I need to refine them, this is just the general shape. Added mufflers too and working on flaps for the wings, but I suck at cutting mesh :frowning:

The wing booms are still very rough but I just like the nose of them, I cant help it…

C&C welcome, Good luck to all :yes:

Yay! Congratulations, you’re back! Looking good, how about removing the two outside wings? IMHO they make it a bit too much like a traditional plane… but apart from that looking great :smiley: Glad you’re back mate! :wink:

Thanks Lex!

We gonna have to disagree :eyebrowlift2: I am keeping the wings :slight_smile: Like you kept the wheel belt :stuck_out_tongue:

Small update but it was a lot of work, I am a complete noob at cutting meshes, but I think I am getting better…:rolleyes:

Refined the wing boom, added aileron or flap to wings and boom, refined the cockpit, my pilot as a windshield.

Need to think of a scene and need to UV map all that… and I have never done a UV mapping so that’s gonna be fun…

Critics and comments are always welcome! Thanks for watching.