It’s sort of morbid, but I made a film last semester about mayonnaise. If the film isn’t all that acceptable, maybe it’s worth mentioning that I used POWUA, the internet super computer that was I found via BlenderNation a while back. So, thanks for that. The course was called “Digits in Motion” and involved video editing and animation. We were only given about three weeks to learn Maya and animate a one minute short. Knowing how messy Maya was, I had to ask if I could use Blender instead and I got special permission because of the instructor’s interest in the use of Powua for rendering. Later, when the rest of the class was fighting for computers in the lab to render, some of who spent two days time for a mere 15 seconds, I rolled out a three minute film which only required about an hour and a half of real rendering. In fact, powua was going faster than I could finish my final animations…

For participating in the beta testing, they gave me another 500 CPU hours. Quite nice! :smiley:

The film can be found here: *note that this link will only last until the end of the semester. I’ll be putting a more compressed version on my personal website soon

Thanks for taking the time to check this out.

wow that freaked me out! Maybe put a warning for people with epilepsy :slight_smile:

hey how did this slip by me… interesting stuff.
it’s a shame you didn’t have more time to spend with the character …


weird but cool nonetheless !
id be glad to know how you made the oldschool computer voice.