Mazda 6 exterior Modelling in BLender


I will be modelling my next car which is a Mazda 6
i will try to get it as detailed as possible, if u have some questions please let me know

you can also check my previous car modeled here

Anyways, First updates at the moment

Latest updates

Reflection is on point at the moment


new updates

How did you make the lowest part of the hull ?

HEy there,
i don’t know much about modeling, but this mesh and its topology looks super clean without any bumps or unwanted poles and stuff. Looking at that other car you posted… Well, not much to say - looks like we can look forward to another super cool carmodel!
Did you ever think of animating those? Or put them into a shortfilm? Oh and btw. how much time do you usually need for stuff like this ?

well, from what i understood
i started with these two points, and started extruding it

Here extruded

if u have specifics , let me know
mark the place ur asking :c

New updates

Thats looking rlly awesome, your topology is fantastic.

Hello there,

first of all thanks, i appreciate it a lot

There are many stuff that i have never been into because i thought
one of them is putting animation into cars, but why not
i shall give it a try

usually it takes me about 20-35 hours, but it depends on the car it self and the nature of it’s topology.
the current car i’m working on has kinda like a beast ( animal spirit like ) topology, which means more time working on it’s curves
rule of quad polys doesn’t work here much, so i use triangles and even sculpting.

New updates

  • Yes, this part. And now how to make from this part these larger middle loop and 2 smaller loops ?
  • How did you make this lowest part so flat in the middle?
  • How did you separate doors, front hull… with crevices ?

very good topology and model!

Just finished the tire and the logo,
in the front now only remains the headlights which im going to make next

thank you, appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

well, those can’t be explained by text, so ill try to explain it later on with a timelapse video
it will be easier to understand

looking good so far, your first car, I assume?

I like seeing your progress on the model as well as the renders! you do a nice job.

@keseyrage , thanks and yes definitely that’s my first car
@dabomb, glad to see your comment, i have been following your Jaguar topic, thanks.

here are some updates, the headlights are just a first concept, just to understand the nature of the model

will be modeled in detail soon

Remodeled the headlights

going for the rear now

A little render to get ready :c