Mazda 6(tuned)

this is the latest project i am working on…

mazda 6 extreme street racing style :rolleyes:


to be honest its my second try to make this car the first time was realy long time ago and it sucked a lot…:wink:
and i really like this car so i wanted to make a better one

so what you think about the work done so far:)

Very Good Job :slight_smile:
I like cars like that and the Mazda6 is on of my favourite cars.
Really nice Modelling. Only Negative thing : its really Dark. Try a better color :slight_smile:
My most used color on cars is Silver, or a Green mixed with Yellow ( R:0600, G:1000, B:0000 ) …


added small details, like lights,
and correct wheels(first ones were really off) :slight_smile:

now this shell need an interior:rolleyes:

this is really good man.Can’t wait to see the finished image!

nice ride rely nice modeling i don’t like the tires though it looks a bit toyish

how long did it take to moddle to this stage

the tires themself are generally OK but I think they are the wrong way round and maybe that’s why they look weird
It’s like someone put them to drive backwards not forward

i’m waiting in the fire effect vinyls!


anyway, very nice, i like the red and the black and very clean mesh

imo there needs fire vinyls…:smiley:

Wicked i should have it all one colour instead of a two tone, having it all red would be good.

that last configuratoin of colors makes the car look much better.

yeah… my mistake tyre thread was wrong way :o

and i think it took about a week to model it, really did count the hours:)

tnx totalexodus, the fire vinyl was a good idea, i was thinking what kind of vinyls to use

now it looks like the engine is on fire :cool: :slight_smile:

No replays… ahhh i guess everything is o.k. …:rolleyes:

Havent got time to model, but just played around with renderings, composites and different camera setups…

hope u like it… :slight_smile:

nice fire, do some on the sides and it will be some car!:smiley: