Mazda 6

Here’s my new model- Mazda 6.

I made it in July, but I can’t render it well, and so here it is:

That looks veeery good - great work! The headlights are fantastic.

Could you give us a wire? What are you using this model for?

wow thats very good i notice your very good with car modeling are you planning to write a tutorial becouse i think it would proove most usefal for everybody


Thank you , guys…
I forgot to say that modeling: Blender 2.33, rendering: Brazil

No I am not planning to write the tutorial…:frowning: sorry, I have no time

yeap it’s sounds like a brazil render sure !!!

anyway it was modelized in blender so that’s pretty cool :slight_smile:

nice job

Second version is excelent! Grumble… Brazill… Well modeled!

Wow, amazing stuff :slight_smile:

I second the motion for a tutorial :smiley:

Is the second image a real pic or your car model?

If so HOLY $%#&! The second one is photoreal, and the first is pretty dang good lookin! Question: why is this in WIP?


Thank you for all comments

I posted it in WIP because I am still rendering it :slight_smile: I wanna get more results

Extremely cool! I love the headlights…very realistic. The tyres look more realistic on the first shot though.

Very nice, but could you please put some more effort into the windscreen wipers?

:o You have to tell me, which is a photo and which is a render? I mean, I can’t see the difference. Awesome work dude. :smiley:

Where is the 3D image???

That’s amazing!
Good work!

:o I was like this! :smiley: now I’m like that!

dude you got some mad skillzz, keepum comin!

sense any good modeler is always on a search to study topology could you please, please, post some wires!

PS: how are you rendering from blender to brazil? O_o I didn’t know that blender supported that one, I use it when I’m working with max mostly…

I third a tutorial off you, please? icon_biggrin.gif (If you have little time, can you just do the lights?icon_razz.gif) - or if anyone knows how to do those realistic lights, care to share?

Awesome work, cant wait for some more renders.

They both look identical except the first one is black and the other one isn’t. Are they both your renders or is one a photo and one your render?/

Awsome work.

Here’s update:

Very realistic!