Mazda Car

Im having problem controlling so many vertex, or with lesser vertex the shape wont hold, any ideas ?

when your modeling a car or truck just do half and other half is mirrored try that and what does the wire frame look like?

When modeling cars, avoid triangles at all cost. try to keep your quads as straight as you can. Use a subsurf modifier, mirror modifier and the solidify modifier. good luck

Can we see it with a wireframe? We may give you more suggestions.

Have you looked at a car tutorial? My advice is that you search the net on how to model a car the right way before you continue. There are plenty of work in progress threads you can learn from (that’s how I did it).

Blender Cookie has a series on Porsche, the only thing that sucks about it is it’s many hours of video to watch. Keep going though, for better or worse, it’s still a start. I can’t tell you how many torso meshes I have thrown away, but each one allows you to improve. Also posting your wires will help us help you. Keep going!

Wires for Mazda RX-7 A-SPEC GT-C (1996):

The picture above as you are able to see, shows that the headlight don’t have enough shape to it while the bumper has been w -> smoothen. Oh & my first render on top show the polys like it’s not smoothen.

Blender Cookie has a series on Porsche

I have seen it & it is harder than it looks on the video.

You’ll need to add a Subsurf modifier to get it to smooth out.

I don’t know what kind of photo reference you may have but this site has a lot of photo references for lots of different cars including Mazda cars.

Adding a SUBSURF modifier makes a big differance. The First Picture is a Wire frame of the front end of a car that I did prior to adding any subsurf…the second image is the same thing with a rendered subsurf at 2…see? So dont be too quick o crit your work without first seeing it with a subsurf modifier.


I recommend this tutorial for anyone trying to model a car…not very detailed, but it was very helpful to me with the first few steps then I started doing them on my own…GOOD LUCK!

The darkscrab tut teaches bad topology.:mad: I learned it the hard way.:o

don’t use that darkscrab tutorial, its a crap tutorial just post here and we will pitch in and help

Wow…really doggin down the Dark Scarab Tutorial? I never said it was perfect but it is a start…that is where I started and look at the vehicles I have done…I posted the link just for the basics of doing a car…Listen Jenifer…You do what ever you need to to make it how you want…dont listen to them if you find it helpful then you go ahead and do what you gotta do…It was helpful to me and a few others that I know…I wish I could be of more help with this but there arent a whole lot of car tutorials out there unless you wanna spend hours watching videos…I dont have the proper internet for that so I posted a link to a text tutorial…teaches basic skills needed…and if you need anything just let me know and Ill do a txt file teaching you…sorry for their harshness and critiscizm…GOOD LUCK!!!

that is how i did my truck i started with dark tut. and got the basic’s down what i need to do and here is my truck i did and still working on it


The DarkScarab tutorial is good for starting out. I made my avatar using it. :slight_smile: i’m making a Mazda now too (Mazda MPV) and My advice is to find a tutorial and just keep trying. This is what my first car looked like:

Sorry if I sounded harsh.

The Dark Scarab Tutorial is good for setting up blueprints, but
please don’t copy the mesh topology or it will look bad with sub-surf.
I’m just trying to help.

forgive me for hijacking your thread mate;

@for the darkscarab defenders, sorry it is a crap tutorial I 100% stick by my words it teaches incredibly bad topology a blend says a thousand words so compare the topology of this chevy RS with the one you get from that tutorial and you will see the difference. Topology flow matters with cars and that tutorial really teaches bad topology.


Chevy_RS.blend (542 KB)

Tyrant Monkey has posted a beautiful example here of clean topology. Some would disagree with the usage of tris, but this IS the way you should model a car. (and just about everything else that will be sub-surfed)

Looking at attached screenies from Tyrents Camaro, it’s easy to see how the form of the car - the overall shape of each part, is determined by the usage of simple loops of edges. For the wireframe shot I deleted all the “none critical” faces to point this out as clearly as possible. Notice how the edges are closer together where the lines of the car are hard and farther apart where the lines are soft. Notice also how there are not that many vertices required to do this. This IS the car model! everything else is just there to fill in the space between the primary forms.

I think the second screenshot shows that to be the case very well.

If you can look at what you wish to model and SEE these forms, then all you have to do is model the edges themselves and then “fill in the gaps”

I would highly recommend looking closely at this model and emulating this type of work.


Haha yea the darkscarab tut…
Ill say this…Before i looked at it, i made single object crappy car models…while being horrible at topology, i think the thing it teaches you is to:
1: Probably one of the most important things…setting up the references. If you dont have the references straight it is more difficult following them.
2: Probably a minor thing, but separating the car by parts, not making it all as a one piece.
3: It leaves you win an unfinished model, forcing you to complete it urself, basically here is how you get started, repeat this process for the whole thing… Instead of “blindly”(a bit of a harsh word) following the modeling of others, unable to really learn from it. (because honestly i dont think beginners really know what is important when modeling a car.)
4: That it in fact does have bad topology, and that topology is VERY important.

The porshe i think would be better suited for experienced users mainly because it uses perspective images instead of blueprints. (But ye its a good tut)

Well that is my opinion on it anyway. :slight_smile: Good luck!

so… look how I would make the model

  1. How to join 2 complex objects: - select all the vertices from the second object and the deselect all the vertices you wanna join(from selected object) and hide the others(from selected object) .In this way you will have a big visibility

Or select the vertices you need to join and press inverse selection and hide inverted vertices

  1. How to make details(my secret) Make first everything as a many many many many parts and worry only about the topology then at the end only if is necesary join the parts . Here the topology will help you alot. If you work based on parts then you can press l to select the linked vertices. If you wanna use the O tool (select smooth) you can use the connected futures, in this way you will affect only connected vertices

  2. from time to time hide the subsurf effect to see the topology from different angle and use optimal future of the subsurf modifier