mazda mx 8

well…it was a long time since i posted a work here, so to remember and to not forget the shortcut keys i decided to work a bit with blender

Not a bad start, but despite the AUDI badge, the vehicle itself has more in common with a Mazda RX-8 than anything else.

I think the hood scoop is a bit too wide. Could just be me, and it’s only my opinion anyway.


:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
i noticed that the blueprint im using is in fact from a mazda mx8, wow ur good :o
some more renders coming

nem render
hope u like
coments are welcome

Yeah, reason I noticed it so well is that I’ve got a MAX model sitting around somewhere that I started during my college course, and it’s almost at the same level of completion. %|

Yours isn’t looking too bad though.

(ps: It’s RX-8, not mx8. They did make an MX-5 but that’s compairing apples and oranges ;))

good GOD thats an awful car. pity it sold so well!!!

not a bad start so far, i think you need to really examine your topology around the openings, it looks like you have some yukky vert cluttering.