Mazda RX-7 VeilSide Fortune

Hey guys.

I recently got back into blender, and I began modeling this car.
I am still working on it (The head lamps are only half done and a few other things need my attention, for example the gaps between the door and the body)

I’d like to hear some opinions on it.

greetz from Switzerland.


Looking awesome!! love this car and this bodykit…

Can you post a wire of the rear bumper as it’s quite bumpy? :RocknRoll:

I can post one later today. I am actually redoing it right now because it is seriously messed up.

I’ll post a newer version in a few hours.

Things that still need to be done:
the gaps
rear lamps
grids for the cooling system

and probably a few things I forgot

It is time to post an update.

I added materials, but there is a weird color on the engine cowling. Does one of you guys know what this is?

I also added the screws and continued the lamps. I hate the look of them, I might redo them.
I redid the rear bumper, I will post a render of that soon (hopefully).

I noticed that the rims have a few bumps the I need to fix.
also the windows are messed up. need to fix that too.

I hope you like it.
PS: what colour is the best? I like the original orange and black. Do you prefer the black or orange+black?


Small update:
Added interior.
Fixed windows except for the rear one.
changed colors a bit.