Mazda RX 8


2 renders of the final product, after 10 days of work! :smiley:

and also to give you an idea of how i modelled it… is this even the correct way to model the car?

2nd day
4th day
7th day
10th day

I find the car too “plastic-like”, any tips on how to make it more realistic?


is this your first car model…?

The start is quite good

the base mesh is good and clean(5/5)

but the final result is way off, you should redo all the seams(doors,hood,eindows etc.)

and could u please post wire image with real wires because subsurf wires dont tell much and then i can tell u how to make these seams better :wink:

and during modeling i recommend using clay gray, because reflective material can hide modeling mistakes…

Very good start! Some edge-loops will make it more realistic. It’s all a bit too smooth.

Keep it up!


thanks. haha. this is my second, if I count the car which i followed a tutorial and modelled it step by step as my first model.

ok you can get screenshots of wireframe views HERE

(hope the pictures shows up this time… haha)

ok so how do i improve it from here?

  1. how will adding edge loops make it more realistic? add where?

  2. how to make the side mirrors really “reflect”? (refer to last render above)

  3. do all the materials used for the car look very fake? is it my lighting’s fault or is it the material settings that are poor?

  4. Especially carbon fibre hood…I do not know how to make the hood’s carbon fibre material look more realistic.

NOTE: the blackish stuff behind the “HWEI” number plate is just temporary as i cannot find material for the “grill” or whatever it is…like this:
(look at: the silver thing behind the number plate…)

thanks for all your feedback and advice

  1. Add edge loops more close to each other. Look how close:
    to make edges sharper

More closer the edge loops are the the sharper the result…

2., 3. and 4. Use these materjals to test your renderings :wink:

and some new ones

Oh… and make sure that ray traicing is on…

And yes you materials look fake:rolleyes:

5.I recommend modeling the grill… i think its easier…

thanks for the materials .blend files references. should i use the glossy or metallic paint material for the car?

but the first link on the car materials doesn’t work, i tried the main download link and also the mirror… both invalid.
have you downloaded it before? do you have it with u?

also, i now understand how to made sharper edges… but where, which part, of the car need to be less smooth? it looks okay to me…

These things should be sharper… (but there are also some parts what should be smoother too or more defined…) but if u fix these what i showed it should look better…

u can take this for ref…
not the best cg gar, but i hope u get the idea…:wink:

Oh and here is the sonix library which didnt work for you, i uploaded this too now to my sever:


What subsurf level are u using?

thanks for the materials .blend files references. should i use the glossy or metallic paint material for the car?
both are fine but i like metallic better…

Not bad :smiley:

It’s good (better than my attempts), but I reckon the headlight sockets should be improved. They look a bit messy in my opinion.

Actually all the “holes” need to be improved…:wink:

okay thanks.

about the lights sockets… needs to be improved = make edges sharper? (as shown in Max Evil’s sketch?

regarding subsurf… currently the car now has no subsurf modifier. but previously, as I was through the process of modelling, i think applied the subsurf modifier twice in total… both using subsurf level 1. Now all the parts of the car have no modifiers (mirror / subsurf) at all… i applied them much earlier on already.

light sockets have to have sharp edges, but the outline should be smooth also, currently yours are kinda ragged(or something, english isnt my first language;))

but now i know why your car looks like this…

its not recommended to apply subsurf if your car isnt ready(me personally never apply subsurf, there is no point to do it…), its alway easier to modify your model if you have subsurf just turned on, you have lesser “real” polys then… and u can get smoother result…:cool:

subsurf level 2 is reasonable for car modeling in my opinion
and if you want to get the best result i recommend to start from scratch again(it shuldnt be hard for you;))…


okay then… i shall take some rest now. When i got the fire in me to suddenly model a car then i will start again…:slight_smile:
so i should model all the way without subsurf? then only when its done then use subsurf to “smooth” it a little?

Personally i like to turn on the subsurf when i start modeling…

i know some people like to make the base mesh “low-poly” and then, after the base mesh is finished, they turn on the subsurf and start adding details…
but i think its harder way to model

Use sonix car material library to make your car’s paint look a ton more realistic. I’m sure someone here has a link if you want it.