Mazda RX8 (totalled)



My first car made in Blender. So I decided to destroy it :slight_smile:
The idea is, it hit a steel barrier at high speed on the front left corner, then flipped and rolled 4 times.
How do I make it look more real? I’m going to put some grass and stuff stuck in the cracks and crevices later. But what else?
Thanks for the help!

PS. Rendered in yafray, so I can’t use nodes.

well that looks like it hit a fairly soft object at relativly low speeds and rolled not even once…if it hit a solid wall it would not flip, a car flips mainly when the rotating friction of the car’s wheels traveleing perpendicular to their rotation turns into sliding friction when the driver applies the brakes creating a lot of friction on the dge of the tire and effectively stopping the sidewall while the rest of the car and the top of the trire continue in the direction of travel, making the car flip

now if it hits a short but very solid object at a more direct angle it can cause the rear end to continue in the direction of travel and flip end over end but from a glancing left side impact like that itd be almost impossible

are you planning on doing a scene for it? if so i took several accident investigation classes in college and could help ya if you want

Hi SDSJap,
Maybe I should re-explain this situation.
It is travelling at about 80km/h, then skids out and hits barrier on the side front. It skips off that, then skids sideways before tripping and rolling 4 times into the ditch. It did not
flip tail over end. This is one of my reference images:
This guy skidded out and rolled 4 times, and still looks very intact.
This bogan was speeding along a dirt road then 2 roos jumped out and he swerved to dodge them then skidded sideways before rolling it several times. But don’t worry, he survived. :slight_smile:
I tried to copy the squashed - sideways look of the roof that happens when a car rolls.

I actually was thinking it mine was too over the top. Like maybe I should twist some of the panels back to their original shape. Are you saying, not enough?
I would appreciate some more of your input if you have any SDSJap. I’ve spent all weekend examining car crash photos, but first hand experience would be great! Do the textures look right? Should I add more scratches? Less?
Thanks for the help!

I think that the license plate tag (RX-8) would be more damaged based on the fact that the radiator grill is so bent in. The front left wheel and tire should also be more damages to be consistent with the fender. For instance a flat of ripped tire and scratched or dented wheel.

It look really good so far.

that crash(the real photos hit the barrier with a glancing blow (theres no serious damage to the front end of the car, but lots of damage to the side of the car indicating it slid along the barrier instead of directly hitting it…this would cause th car to spin, but not necessarily flip…the driver likely hit the brakes after the initial impact during his roatation and this is what caused his roll over, or more likely(because that car obviously was airborne during most of the rolling over) he hit a curb, laucnhing him airborne which is why he rolled but didnt completely crush the roof of the car in

on your model it looks to me, that it hit the wall much moe directly, which means almost all of the energy would dtransfered into the wall, and if the car were to spin it wouldnt spin very far, and wouldnt have enough mometum to even roll over if the driver did hit the brakes

to make the model look more like it rolled over take some of the damage away from the front end and add more damage to the side.

as far as the rolling aspect of it…it depends theres two kinds of roll overs airborne roll overs and ground roll overs, like i mentioned airborne roll overs require ALOT more energy than a ground roll over and require some form of launch pad fif you will, a curb or a hard dirt ledge that isnt very high…a ground roll over the car is litteraly rolling over itself which means the roof and the side will be demoolished, the tires will break the axles(like in your model) and almost certainly break both rear view mirrors :-p

so it just kind of depends, as far as from a super realistic aspect you can change a few things depending upon what type of crash you want

to keep the front damage, move the damage over to the side more, but tape it off more as you reach the middle of the car s it looks like a glancing front impact(for example if you were to hit the wall at say a 30 degree angle, wont abosrb all the energy, most of it, but not all, and will leave enough at high enough speeds to roll a few times

for a side glancing impact, remove almost all damage to the front, add more damage along the side

for an airborne roll over, decide where th vehichle will hit the ground and push this in, the roof looks good, the tires wouldnt likely be broken off the axles as they are right now

for a ground roll over, crush the roof, keep the axles broken, break the passenmger side mirror and add more damage all around

as far as the scene itself it depends largly on the type of crash you wish to convey as to what type of circumstance what type of skid marks, debris etc would be left

maybe you could sacrifice a week and use the Demolition Script on the whole thing… :stuck_out_tongue:

however, the damaged car looks more realistic to me than your “new car” model :slight_smile: don’t know why :slight_smile:

nice crash render! i wish i was that good! damn

Hah that’s just sweet! The “new car” render to me looks a little more like a BMW somehow. Good job and awesome texturing!

Good points NurbNerd and SDSJap. I shall adapt both when I get home from work.

But for now, more shiny:
I’ll add some scrape marks to the side panels, smooth out the impact for a front a bit, put sticks and grass in the cracks and damage the number plate. Also who knew there was 2 different car rolls? Thanks for the information SDSJap. It’s informative and helpful :slight_smile:

Excellent ideas so far guys! Keep 'em coming!

The model is looking very good.
The only thing that is bothering me is that the tires look brand new.
Keep working on adding dirt and grime.
This has a lot of potential.

Also the logo is not affected at all by the crash.

Hmmm. The tires… I did not think of that. Perhaps a procedural dirt texture would fix it? I hope anyway. UV mapping those would be a pain. I’ll be sure to put some grass in it too, just like in the first reference photo I posted.

very cool! Thats really totalled!! LOL great!

Quick update. Just testing using the raymir option in textures for the fender. I had no idea you could even do this!
Now the scrapes are no longer shiny!
Working on it heavily tonight, so I’ll update with a full car shot.
Major re-texturing update. Basically re-did side panels and added raymir channel. Also added sticks and grass in various cracks.
I’m hoping to have this done by this time tomorrow.

What can you see that needs more work?

Ouch!, Thats looking great, the shadows looking a little weird. Also maybe you could add airbags (if the car has any). Other than that good job!!!

I love the front left wheel and tire now. Great Job!!!

yeah, the rims much better!!

how do you make the mesh grill?

Now that is one trashed car right there :D,
the modeling looks very good, but as for the damage there are some things that don’t look right/are missing.

Twoards the lower right corner of the winshield, there are some thin red stripes that don’t look right, the rims should look more damaged, the front lights are missing the glass, in the reference photo the light’s glass is smashed up, but not gone, the mirror on the right looks like it is hanging off of nothing, and IMO there should be a steeringwheel with an airbag deployed or something.

Keep up the good work .

whats IMO?

That reminds me, how can I prevent this? It’s rendered on Low so it looks pretty crap, but the BEFORE render was rendered on Best/High, and still has wacky shadows. I think I’m supposed to turn the filter value up or something? Anyone know?

Good idea! I shall add some :slight_smile:

Made a bunch of square poles follow a path then Dupliframed it (so it creates heaps of them), then made the dupliframes real, then used Bolleen operations to cut it to shape.
Then for the wrecked model, twisted and mangled some of the poles.
Definitely not the best way to make a grill. There was a car grill tutorial on the forum here somewhere, but the artist obviously took it down because the link was broken, so I was on my own :frowning:

Thanks for the support! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Some very good points there otto riis. You’re right about all of it. I shall do my best to make the changes!

In My Opinion or ‘IMHO’ In My Humble Opinion :wink: