Mazda rx8

Hi, This is my first work finish in blender and yafaray is a concept cars of mazda rx8.

I hope you like it, every comment and
criticizes are welcome…




Your model looks very solid! Good work. However I think the lighting and materials could be improved. It looks too much like a toy right now. I don’t know what you could do to make it look better but maybe toy around with more lights, different lights, and mess with the specular effect a little. Also, it would help if you got rid of that box it’s in, and put the focus on your car. The eye is drawn down and to the side of the picture, and it should drawn right down the center, since your car is the centerpiece.

Remove the sides of the cube and center the camera on the car. It might help to scale down your nice title up at the top, too.

Nice job kbt! Keep at it.


thanks, i’m working in this yet …

Good stuff - Yafaray is good render engine to get to know, I am also learning to use it!

thanks, here other render…
I hope you like it

with gimp:

Amazing model :slight_smile: I like how your avatar is textured onto the hood. That’s cool :yes:

great image! congratulation!

lolz, kbot and kbt :stuck_out_tongue: , good work

thanks, I will do others cars model in blender, is a exelent 3d suit …

greetings and thaks again…

It looks amazing! But, the only thing is, there are some red speckles around the left(right to us) headlight.

I actually like the first image, not realistic perhaps, but a great method of presentation.

I like the realistic reflections and lighting in your second render posted. Modeling could use some work, good job rendering and maaterials!:slight_smile: