mazda WIP

i have been working on a mazda car for a racing game, i have the AI done already and here is the car.

heres another view

heres a wireframe

the modelling time is about 1 hour overall. i still need to texture it however and i would like some suggestions on how to do that and any good texture websites.

C&C welcome

BTW it is 579 verts 636 faces (i had a lot of triangles)

i plan on adding some stuff like side skirts spoilers and some fancy hoopty paint job.

Hmm, its hard to tell, but it looks like it may turn out to look a bit wobbly and jelly-like!

The windows on the side look a bit messy, maybe if you did a normal render we’d be able to get a better idea of the final product.

yeah i tried to redo the front but it didnt come out to good. besides its a racing game so you wont even be able to see that part often.
and i figured id just texture that part to make it look good.

i textured it http://www.hyrule.gif//gifimage

Can we see the textured model? Also, if this is going in a game, note:
Texturing is the biggest deal, honestly. All the N64 games had really corney models, most of the time, but excellent texturing. So I’d suggest just making/modelling the car to make it boxy looking, without the window out like the way you have it now. Texturing can fake all the little details for you, and you can get a pretty decent game, and let it run quickly.