maze algorithms

hello all ,
I am making a maze game in bge using python scripting. I want the maze to generate itself,i.e,when the player finishes a level by reaching a goal, collecting all pickups,etc. the next maze will be generated by a maze gen.
how exactly do i do it?
i thought that maybe i should take a cube and extrude it around to make a boundary and use the recursive division algorithm on it but that doesn’t seem the best idea? what else can i do?
also, can anyone pls. give me a python implementation of any of these algorithms that will work in blender 2.57?
thanks in advance.

Since this would be while a game is running and not when working on the game in the viewport, I’m not sure this section is exactly where you should ask about generating mazes.

The reason being is that the BGE Python API cannot generate and remove faces in real-time. You can move vertices though, but that would be working on an existing mesh and the functions provided to do this is likely not quite as sophisticated as the API functions used in addons and the like.

If you ask in the BGE forums or ask for this thread to be moved there, you’ll get a lot more help from those who have used that side of the Python API.

ok i will do that can anybody close this thread here please ? i don’t want the same thread in multiple places.