maze game mind trick

Play it

This is an amazing mind trick. try to keep the cursor in the maze. It is impossible to get past level 4.

Level 3 is hard, but about 20% of the population can complete it, women tend to do better at it.

It has to do with sight, and the left-right brain disparity, and the way the brain handles sound and motion. There are no sound effects until level 4.

tricky game, i must say. :slight_smile:

IT POPS OUT AND SCREAMS AT YOU <- spoiler warning

Sorry, but this crap is old and annoying. There are already dozens of videos of people getting pranked by this and they’re much more entertaining.

actually, you are old, and annoying, my friend.


No seriously it’s not a joke, these things are incredibly lame and they got old after the 10th one that came out half a year ago.

agreed. stupid.

No seriously, it is a joke.

And you got incredibly lame after seeing the tenth one.


come on

I am glad you are teh awsomest jaded internet d00d!!!11!!

Thanks for crashing my party. Next time, bring some hot bitches, or stay home and drink alone, and we’ll have fun with out you… capice?

This flash is not a party, it’s a travesty.

(Ok, I’m going over the top now…)

What I see, is an old man on his porch, shaking his cane and yelling at the kids on the way to a dance, telling them they are all going to be in danger of having fun.

Good job! You saved some poor internet traveller from having a little prank pulled on him.

Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a handshake, you have done your fair deed for the day. I am sure the Lord is pleased.


Dude, I’m not being grumpy here, I’m just honestly tired of these. It’s like deju vu for the tenth time to see one of these posted.

These are soooooo last year, come on.

easy way to win every time: right-click>>zoom in.

on a side note, who cares if it’s simple or something that’s been done before. It was still an interesting thread, and you (valarking) didn’t have to bump it by posting. If you’re tired of looking at them, don’t click on threads with titles like these.

it could be something else for all i know


and it’s not even that its overdone, it’s NOT FUNNY.

wow, nice hijacking skillz

edit: this is my last post here, no need to clutter a thread.

Wow, I actually didn’t even realize I was replying to you instead of NeOmega earlier. :confused: