MB-Lab Release for Blender 2.80

I run Linux Mint and I use the latest 2.8 from blender.org, works fine here !


Something is wrong with NumPy on your end, if you say that you are building Blender from source you might want to check that. MB-Lab uses numpy in the material engine for a variety of things. Your log is filled with errors related to that.

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Thanks - this looks very promising! Such scripts would enable us to move seamlessly between UR4/Mixamo/Blender… i Wonder if you could export the actual skeleton re-targeting source from UR4?

As such any of these tools should be able to hold multiple rigs with more/less bones - just as long as there is some level of correspondence - i do not quite know if the armature deform goes 1:1 into the FBX,dae… then you would want to preserve the original values… clearly not just a trivial task.

There are only a few differences in name structure between DAE and FBX, at the moment I am working on a version 1.1 that will combine the extra bones with their parents instead of just deleting them (except for the hat and eyes bones which have no use), this gives an armature that matches much more closely to the original.

I am also working on bone rotations, so they better match MB-Lab, I want to get rid of all the distortions as much as possible, plus I plan on scripting a better bone connect than the one that comes with the import scripts, they kinda suck !

I haven’t done any Python in a while, but I am getting there !

As for UE4, sure, why not, its only a matter of renaming bones and deleting/merging the unneeded bones, and fixing rotation/roll problems.


Thanks a bunch, I am a programmer but know nothing about phyton… did a tiny bit of PHP. I posted some more regarding this ahed of this… https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/875930/morph-retarget-as-for-skeletons-actorcharacter-hie.html

I woluld also try to research what existing add-ons there are, perhaps Rigify or some other tools can do this. I’m still exploring and I fund that I spend a lot of time finding tools/add-ons… and then I find that others have better solutions for the same problems… no need to reinvent the wheel, while protptyping is neat. (you probably know this much better than me…)

So I can, somehow, run python you scripts from within Blender!? (I also found you need to check off some “run python” checkbox - that could possebly be the reason why some add-ons do not work… :wink:

Now, Where to get a better overview of the addons…

Just browsing I find this… that is specific for UR4: GYAZ Export Tools (Seamless Blender To Unreal 4 (FBX))

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Has anyone kept Manuel’s tutorial on fitting high heels ?

He deleted all of his tutorials, and I can’t recall how he did it !

Actually there is a basic video tutorial here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49rajmR-Yhk&feature=youtu.be

I think he is redoing the tutorial though but this for now can work.

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Cool, thanks, saving it, just in case ! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Okay, this is only transferring weight map to posed characters, not sure if this could be useful to create a library of model that can be reused ?

My bad, must have mistaken that video for what you were looking for.

No worries, it was very sweet of you to provide it, I will find a solution, then I will make a tutorial for it, actually, I plan on making a couple of those for mb-lab, a very useful ad-on, again, thanks for all your hard work !

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Is there any plans integration with kinect facial and body motion capture with MBlab for blender 2.8 ?

I own a Kinect, so I would love that, but is it wise to develop something for a discontinued product ?

No we have no plans for Kinect. Sorry.

Well it is another Saturday and that means that it is an update time! This one is an important one, not a BIG one but it is something that will make updating MB-Lab a lot easier for those of you who do not use git on a regular basis or just don’t want to go through re-cloning the repository every couple of weeks.

This release brings the Auto-Updater code from CGCookie.

This will allow users to auto check on a user defined interval, it also can make backups and restore older versions just in case we mess up and release a buggy version.

So again 1.7.3 is not a BIG update but it is an important one because this marks a defining point, it also sadly does not allow releases prior. This was set up so that 1.7.3 was the minimum version compatible. It would be wise to update you clone, you can even give it a test though it won’t show an update because it was just released. :slight_smile:


Thanks for this! Keep it up.
You should remove dots in folder name though, for Windows users.
Without doing this, add-on is copied but silently not showing in the add-on list, hence you can’t install it. There’s already a ticket in MB-Lab, and it’s a recurring issue for Blender add-ons.


Thanks - I thought I was doing something wrong. You can unpack and change the names… I don’t know about the ‘.github’ folder though… if things are going to break when I changed that?

Hm is there a way to unlink lab from character without breaking rig? Now it seem to add 4 lights and bunch of modifiers to a mesh every time scene is reloaded and that’s not exactly what I want at this point.
Finalizing freening mesh, but it still adds new skeleton each reload.

The “.github” folder is just occupied by issue tracker templates for Github, nothing nefarious and if you do happen to delete them it’s not going to break MB-Lab, however next update they will appear again (I’m pretty sure at least).

Not sure what stage of character development you want to be in, by default the modifiers are added when you first create a character and you can uncheck the lights if you don’t want them in before you create your character.

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