MB-Lab Release for Blender 2.80

(drgci) #21

i have installed but i cant find anywhere :frowning:

(mistercliff) #22

Press N to bring up your sidebar. Then there will be a MBL tab on the right you can open and see the options.

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There is also the issue how Github packages releases, so if you download a zip from the releases page it will be named MB-Lab-1.7.0.zip, this has to be renamed to something else such as MB-Lab-170, or simply MB-Lab … just get rid of the periods in the name and Blender will be able to list the addon correctly.

(drgci) #24

there is nothing like that

(paddywwoof) #25

@animate1978, well done for getting this working. I’d be happy to work on issues but don’t want to duplicate things being looked at by other people.

(Dimitar) #26

@animate1978, thank you for porting this and continuing development!

I wonder if at any point there could be a clothing library as in makehuman? This has always been my struggle with MBLab. The body is flawless, in some ways even better than make human, but then, I never have the time to manually model clothing.


Actually I was thinking this over myself, regarding clothing, simply because I have no idea what people will use this for and a clothing library would have to be extensive to really make a difference. Not to mention with all the models that would be quite a task to complete. As it is I am struggling trying to model a new hair.

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(Dimitar) #28

I’ve seen some of the demos that Manuel Bastioni was doing and there seems to be an implementation to fit clothes to body, but other than that, I agree, it is indeed a whole other project.

It could be interesting to think about a complimentary addon that solely focuses on clothing.


You wrote:

“Someone compared MBLab as free version of Daz3d studio”.

In my experience DAZ Studio is free. It’s the models you pay for… (See: https://www.daz3d.com/daz_studio) The fact you state that the models from DAZ aren’t good for game engines is probably true (I have no experience with using them in that way) because they arent’t created for that purpose. I had a look at MBLab recently and must be honest: I’d rather use DAZ Studio (exporting the (static) models through Teleblender works great). I’m not using Blender for character animation so this works for me.

(CYNIC78) #30

Daz studio is free but models aren’t that means you have to pay to use models made in daz studio unlike ML. That what i mean.

(DanielEngler) #31

I updated the “Rigify Meta-Rig for MB-Lab” add-on.


Currently at a crossroads with the texture map import and export. I changed the interface a little, now the Dermal and Displacement import/export is in File Tools, thought it made more sense there rather than the Skin Editor.

Since there is a lot more texture maps in MB-Lab than the original, I am unsure if I want to code in all that so people can import and export all the maps from MB-Lab, we can just go into the Shading tab and load a new map in the node directly so why have another option to import and export? That would require quite a bit of code and as it stands right now you can export all images into a directory so having one for each map I think would be overkill. On that note why have the option to import individual maps in MB-Lab at all when again we can just load up new maps in the node editor.

I have yet to commit the changed code that will happen sometime later today.

(Shohrukh) #33

Not in the plan to add a facial rig? In my opinion, this facial rig (Deform Bone Aid @Face) is powerful enough.


Actually there is work being done by Amir Shehata in regards to a facial rig, he’s trying to script it as well, I have not seen this code or rig yet this is all being discussed in the past day or so.

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(chris.k) #35

Do you plan to make model low poly for game usage


Honestly my organic modeling skills are not good. I have exported a test to Unreal 4 and that imported well even with all the polys in the base model and there was no slow down in framerate, however it was a basic test so there was not a fully fleshed out environment to compare fps.

If I can yes I will try to make low poly base models.

BakeMyScan is being looked at for such reasons but more research and testing will be needed before anything is commited to the Github repo.

(chris.k) #37

Take look to armory if you dont want export .It s game engine for blender but in early stage

(Paul) #38

You probably have to activate it in your user preferences.


More late night updates to MB-Lab. This update is quite heavy in the file size as new assets with packed textures have been added.

  • New Facial Rig connected to shapekey expressions
  • EEVEE and Cycles specific shading networks and outputs
  • New Clothing assets

(Shohrukh) #40

-> New Clothing assets — Yes!
-> EEVEE and Cycles specific shading networks and outputs — Yes! Yes!
-> New Facial Rig connected to shapekey expressions — Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

As I have been waiting for the facial rig. Tomorrow I will test. Thanks animate1978 for continuing to develop this wonderful addon.
Good luck to you!
Best wishes.