MB-Lab Release for Blender 2.80

OK, now I get it. it was explained in the documentation but it didn’t sink in. That’s a nice looking procedural you made and good to have the option.

Here’s a totally unrelated question, please correct me if i make any wrong assumptions: The realistic figures; asian, caucasian, and african share the same mesh per gender. Choosing an ethnicity brings a version of the mesh into your scene that’s been shaped to mimic that racial group but the topology remains the same. You’ll get that ethnicity even with the body measurments zeroed out. Asian, caucasian, and african characters are essentially different. The phenotypes are dial spins though. You could choose Asian/North American but dial it into East Asian if you wanted.

So far so good I hope. I ask the question to inquire whether new phenotypes should be added to the Lab, which is what I think you did with your upcoming Latino addition. It’s essentially dial spins, correct? I wondered if it were possible for end users to submit .json files that could be used to fill in some gaps, specifically by refining the African and African American categories?

Keep up the good work.

so I am curious, if I was to want to create a character such as the one in the X-Men series who had white angel wings, or perhaps a eowian (a star trek universe character that looks like a humanoid cat) with cat ears paws and tail, I realize that I would need to sculpt the wings or ears or tail or whatever, how would those then be incorporated into the base mesh to be able to respond to the rest of the controls of the addon?


Yes that is correct. Essentially what I did was change some values in MB-Lab, saved the character as a JSON file and then modified the file slightly so that it could be read as a phenotype JSON file.

I think it would be a great idea actually and the JSON files are so small and simple they can be shared anywhere.

  "structural": {
    "Legs_LowerlegLength": 0.17,
    "Torso_SizeX": 0.71,
    "Head_SizeX": 0.45,
    "Waist_Size": 0.68,
    "Torso_Length": 0.95,
    "Head_Size": 0.65,
    "Body_Size": 0.5,
    "Legs_UpperlegLength": 0.23,
    "Mouth_SizeX": 0.68,
    "Mouth_LowerlipVolume": 0.9,
    "Face_Parallelepiped": 0.52,
    "Mouth_LowerlipSizeZ": 0.6,
    "Eyes_OuterPosZ": 0.1,
    "Eyelids_Angle": 0.45,
    "Mouth_UpperlipVolume": 0.65,
    "Nose_Curve": 0.53,
    "Mouth_UpperlipSizeZ": 0.475,
    "Eyelids_Crease": 0.9,
    "Nose_TipPosZ": 0.38,
    "Chin_Prominence": 0.4,
    "Jaw_LocY": 0.35,
    "Jaw_Angle": 0.71,
    "Forehead_Angle": 0.11

This for instance is the Latino South American phenotype.

MB-Lab 1.7.6 is going to be merged into the master branch this weekend, sorry for such a long delay guys…

Ok. I have some characters I’ve created that I can send to you. They weren’t created for any specific purpose but might start the ball rolling. I’ll send you a message here when I get the chance but want to look them over first.

I think Bastioni had based his phenotypes on some kind of scientific data. Does anyone remember what that was or where we can find similar data?

Another thought: If we can attract more users it could attract more developers. If good looking visuals were making the rounds on a regular basis it might change the perception of the Lab as an abandoned project to one that is ongoing. I’m wondering about a gallery for images made with the lab as well as a central repository for characters, proxy clothing and the like.

I’d be willing to contribute the items I’ve created for my own use to such a thing. Maybe others would as well.

MB-Lab 1.7.6

This version has been finally merged into the master branch of MB-Lab.


New Features

New Skin Shader.

The new skin shader replaces the original shader and removes a lot of the texture maps that are solved by simple rendering methods, such as the SSS, specular, roughness etc… This new skin shader uses more texture masks for things such as bump map areas, freckle generation and SSS thickness.

New Latino Model Type.

This is a new model type, based off of the Asian model type and modified slightly. NOTE: Manuel had used a lot of science data from unknown sources for his models, the model type here was split from the Asian type and modified by visual data based of image searches off the internet, MAY NOT BE FULLY ACCURATE!
Consider it a WIP but the foundation is there

Skin tones for each model type

Now by default the skin tone texture map is loaded for each model type of the Realistic Human models.


Happy Oct 13!


one thing ive thought about, but not sure if it would be welcome or proper: part of the “types” data would offset some body parameters slightly. eg shorter asian.

these would be very subtle hints, and the bigger presets would be the phenotypes (or whatever they are called). unfortunately, the phenotypes would need to be counter-tweaked the base changes.

Here is a website I found that gives info on various phenotypes. You may already be familiar. If you have any other references I’d be interested in seeing them. http://humanphenotypes.net/

I got everything updated, latest MBLab, RigifyforMB and Blender2.8 and I must say I can really tell that improvements have been made! Everything just seemed to work.
Thank you animate1978, the new Latina type is just the cutest thing ever.

Quick question,
Before when I finalized I had a bunch of texture files in the directory afterwards. When I finalized this time, I don’t see those files any idea where they went?

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Amazing resource! Thank you!

By default MB-Lab should have “Save Images and Backup Character” button selected and when finalizing it should bring up the file browser, however if this is not the case it may be a bug?

You’re doing fantastic work here. I think there may need to be bit of fine tuning on the freckle fading and the bump mapping. I’ve not used MB for ages so I might be missing something but the skin bump adjustment doesn’t seem to do anything (obviously the button has to be pressed to regenerate the bump texture) and these creases on the lips look a bit extreme to me (and the pores, but less noticeable).

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Ok I will do some tuning of this. I think I also might bring back my own freckle generator, it seemed to work better than this one.

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There has been put a lot of effort in realism its realisitc till even nearby views.
Maybe its time to put the project in another direction.
We have good but not easily usuable people now, for blender drawings.
It be nice if there was also a huge collection of clothes for those people.

Especially working people and streat people.
Think of Dokters, Wood Workers, Mechanics, assitents, nurses, businessman, construction worker, road worker, police, etc , and some free time clothing hiking, swimming, etc

look for 3d model workers in google so you understand what i mean.

More clothes would be good. Building on the clothing assets already available for download. Might be time for the community to step up like the Make Human community has. I’d be willing to donate the few things I’ve made if there were a central repository. Is anyone interested in participating in such a thing?

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This was something I tried back in 1.7.1 however this would distract from development from MB-Lab itself, which would not be good.

Having some sort of community asset repo would be nice. I do have one for a demo of assets but it has source files from MakeHuman, the user that took these from the site never recorded who made what so there is no credit sadly. I tried to find what went to who but trying to track down assets to users is difficult. Starting fresh might be a better option.

It would be great, for a lot of blender projects people need clothed people.

Hello there, thanks for the amazing work!
I just wanted to show you a little thing I found that could be fixed.

This was when I freshly loaded a new caucasian female character on the latest version of MB Lab, the displacement on the skin is a bit too much, and I noticed that the normals on the skin were flipped which was why the bump factor and skin oil factor did not work.

This is after I fixed all that and lowered down the skin displacement


Currently I am working on these fixes, they should be merged later tonight or tomorrow morning.

I already have the folder of assets that were created but I don’t see a link for a new user to find them. Right now there are pieces of MB-Lab in various places on the net. It’s a bit confusing.

Can an assets page be added to your main site https://mb-lab-community.github.io/MB-Lab.github.io/? First a link to the assets, then images of any new ones with credits, also a place for a gallery would be nice. The site you created looks really nice but could use more attention. I’d be willing to help create some imagery for my suggestions.

I will try to make some changes to the site soon. It has not been touched in some time so an update and some new stuff would be good.

Hi ! :grinning:
I’m new here. Here is my (short) story : Try to use Makehuman, knew about abandoned new project of MB, and thrilled 2 days ago about a fork that looks very promising. Decided to move on, let Makehuman go and focusing on MB-Lab.End of the short story.

So I tried MB-Lab a little, found the morphs good but limited (no offense), tried to learn about making new ones, and found… nothing. What ? No user-made targets ??

So I read all documentation on gitub, this thread, and I have some questions/thoughts for you, Animate1978:

  • You have problems for making new models. Well, I suppose that you know how Makehuman works, right? Because for me MB-Labs works in the same way. Aka a base model with a fixed number of vertices/faces that are the same through all models whatever they are, and morphed by vertexes displacement.
  • The only thing that is different, I guess, but maybe I’m totally wrong, is that in MB-Lab morphing is done by : a) Weight painting b) morphing of the under-laying muscles that are linked to the skin.

So for me, if you want to succeed with you attempt to make a new model you could try this:

  • Make your new model from scratch or whatever.
  • import a basic model of MK. morph it in hand to suit roughly the new model.
  • Shrink it on the new model by a blender modifier that I don’t remember the name, sorry it’s late. :smile:
  • Save it without change the name/number and order of vertexes.
  • Try to import it in MB-Lab with with you script.
  • Profit ?
    (Sorry if I look like an idiot now ^^ )

So it seems that user-made targets/morphs are not an option for now? Am I correct ?
If it’s the case, for me, respectfully, it would be great to focus a little on that, I mean, to let the user to create his own morphs, usable for all models, in a separate GUI to avoid problems. I think about folders and sub-folders, for having a good classification of morphs and avoid a mess when you have 50+ hand-made morphs.

Anyway, thank you so much for your fork, too sad that MB let down his project. MB-Lab is the only alternative to other solutions that are more focused on their online expensive shop than to be useful for the users (I’m thinking about personal morphs that are really tedious to make for obvious reasons).