MB-Lab Release for Blender 2.80

Hello, how to untie base mesh from mb-lab?
I mean when I create a model it has rig, textures, vertices groups and when I delete all of them, unparent everything save and load - everything is created again! I just want mesh.

I noticed this too. Not sure what causes this. Not a huge issue, but something to be aware of.

Did you remove the armature-modifier from the body mesh? Even when you delete the armature, Blender keeps an orphaned copy that mysteriously comes back when you append the mesh to another file.

I’ve deleted the armature, all modifiers, and the vertex data and they all still come back.

Massive work has been done since my last update
This includes Rigging a more physically based approach to eyes, and rigging to elements such as the mouth.


Good Morning. Thanx for ressurecting the add-on. Manuel’s vanishing was a hard one on a project I was developing. Getting back into it, I’ve had a recent thing happen while trying to finalize a character. Has anyone encountered this recently.

TypeError: Converting py args to operator properties: :Keyword “apply-as” unrecognized

Location: : -1

Finalization was working before hand. It seems to have just stopped working. So far the issue presents on the afro-female and male models as well as the Asian Female base meshes. I haven’t checked them all yet but seems persistent. Has anyone encountered this and if so, have you found a solution?

I’m using Blender 2.91

Ok, I am now more sure than ever before.
The eyes are entirely too far apart and the corners of the mouth are too sharp.

Will you continue to answer questions concerning tat 2.79 version of MBL. I cannot run Blender 2.8 or 2.9 due to my graphics chip not supporting the most recent version of OpenGL. So I am still using 2.79 for everything. YES I know that I should get a newer maching ( I just know that someone is going to make that comment) but since I a a hobbyist/non-professional blender user it is not critical at at the moment. I just want to be sure that I will not be TOTALLY left behind.

as for blender 2.79, the add-on won’t be developed for 2.79 further beyond what has been made available, it won’t be going anywhere but future updates will move on as blender does, simply put, we get more issues/complaints form users about the lack of 2.9 support than the lack of 2.79 support. and the code will be changing rapidly in order to account for the massive change in base meshes in 1.7.9 and 1.8. Sorry but we lack developers to even work on new versions let alone maintain an outdated version of blender

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hopefullyidont’t: You missed the whole purpose and topic of my question. I did not ask if the 2.79 version would be maintained or upgraded. I aske if people will still ANSWER QUESTION HERE ON THIS THREAD about the 2.79 version Two different things. :smiley: coders tend to think in terms of code and nothing else.

Hello everyone!

I am getting an error when I try finalizing a realistic anime male in both 2.91 final and 2.92 alpha, anyone else has this problem?

Same for both Linux and Windows, for all character types, anyone knows which version of Blender is supported?

2.83 for shure

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Yes, 2.83.9 is the latest version I can make the add-on work, anything above will break it on both Winblows and Linux!

Release notes for Blender 2.90:

  • The modifier apply operator’s apply_as argument was moved to a new operator modifier_apply_as_shapekey. The new operator can also save to a shapekey without removing the modifier (01c8aa12a1)

Hey everyone,

I do have to apologize for the long absence, it wasn’t supposed to take this long, it’s almost Christmas! Yikes!

I just got internet service at my new place, so it is going to be a couple of days before I get caught up on everything.

In my time away I was trying to work on adding the ToonGirl prototype model to MB-Lab, however things are not going well there…

Essentially what has happened is that the mesh and the armature are not matching up, scale wise. I had done quite a bit to make this work and it’s just not working right… I will be pushing this to a new repo on GitHub in the near future.

Now as for the Blender 2.90+ … I have to upgrade my GPU(I have an old Radeon R9 280x) which from Blender 2.83 and up causes issues in EEVEE…

So I need to upgrade in order keep up with Blender development.

Anyway I am very much aware of the issue that causes MB-Lab to crash in 2.90 and above, so that will be addressed soon. I have yet to log into GitHub to merge code but it is a simple fix.

Now that I have internet service I will be more active, this past year has been rough for me but now things are a bit more stable.


Great to hear from you again. This year has been tough on the most of us. Don’t stress, take your time. Your personal health and well-being comes first of course.

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Thanks for the update. I hope you stay well - take care of yourself.

good to have u back up and running ,