MB-Lab Release for Blender 2.80

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you could ask for modellers to help you, time ago people talked to generate new kind of models not realistic, for example hominids (evolution), zombies, werevolves, etc. if you can make it work we could make the sculpts for you. It would atract atention over the addon.

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Really a tremendous update! Shaders are gorgeous and new assets are top notch. Just awesome. Thanks!

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That sounds like an idea


Side note : There has been a LOT of code cleanup and optimizations in the past 24 hours, so it is recommended to download a new copy. These were done by https://github.com/dvdmgl

  • remove ‘self’ from args
  • moved is_ik_armature, get_active_armature, get_deforming_armature,
  • get_object_parent to utils.py
  • init.py uses get_active_armature and is_ik_armature from utils (previous was algorithms that wasn’t imported)
  • get_modifier_name to return the name
  • fix iter over pixel_arr
  • Replace algorithms.print_log_report by python’s standard logging system
  • Autopep8
  • clean algorithms
  • clean skeletonengine
  • clean proxyengine
  • clean morphengine
  • clean materialengine
  • clean humanoid
  • added .pylint
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If you create your own model you can start move away from mb lab and make you own software so there will not have licence problems

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i download the MB-Lab 1.7.1 and try it , then i find there are several problems:
the first problem : download is very very very unstable, i try to download MB-Lab about 10 times then i succeed to finish download, pay attension to the file size is about 416MB.
the second problem : clothes assets are not so fit to character body, so i try to adjust clothes but the result is unsatified.
the third problem : then i finalize a character then want to change the pose, i press [Load] button then select *.json file, there is no any selectable pose appeared in the listbox, when i use MB-Lab 1.7.0 there is no same problem.
But But But, althought there are many problems in MB-Lab 1.7.1, i think the addon MB-Lab is a very great one for Blender!


Yes the latest release not only brought up some bugs but it also increased the download size by a lot.

A website will be made up this weekend, with plans to have releases hosted there and the Github repo remaining the developmental portion of MB-Lab. Also the assets that we packaged up will be removed from the addon and have those hosted on Github instead to reduce file size of MB-Lab, or have those hosted too, not sure right now. Either way the assets bloated up MB-Lab quite a bit.

Hopefully this week we can get some of these major bugs cleared up.

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Assets definitely better to put elsewhere, not inside addon… probably with some separate manager for listing/applying.

clothing/hairs/etc - these things all too specific for real world usage. In other words it will never be enough and there is always will be dissapointments with quality/polycount/whatever engine compiance etc, etc. This is endless task // And a great chance to did a lot of stuff/modelling for nothing - it never will be really used by majority, only by nubies, just to “test things” //

MBLab is a great plain body modeller - and that`s great

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can you make it modular (just add a folder where you can throw “expansions” subfolders inside or point the installer to the blender folder and it’ll find the rest) or in multiple versions? like the codec packs with lite/full/more than full/mega/etc versions?


You are absolutely right. I should keep things simple.

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Actually it kind of already is, how Manuel made the asset reading code, all you need to do is open up the Library folder in the Assets tab and then search your drive for the asset folder you wish to use. You can even mix and match, say you have shirts in one folder and pants in another, just add one then open up the next folder and add the next asset you wish.

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Can you build the latest version for windows 10?


It’s all Python code so it should work on any OS

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And now the addition of clothes! This was a big factor in terms of why I was using Makehuman.

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Initializing any of the Anime types causes an error on Blender 2.8 and MBLAB 1.7.0

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i think even @Manuel never managed to finish the anime models.

a pity, because i wanted to use them for a future project


That is odd because I don’t seem to have an issue with the anime models.

What kind of error?

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By the way, how can I get that error text without actually having to make a screenshot?

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Window, toggle console i think