MB-Lab Release for Blender 2.80


Ah. That bug. That was a mistake I made in the characters_config.json file because I added a bunch of new textures but did not add the lookups for the anime characters so this produces the error you are getting.

If you update MB-Lab to the most current version (1.7.1b) they will work, however proxy fitting is buggy as hell right now.

If you want to stay at 1.7.0 you can download my updated copy with the correct character_config file from my google drive here -

(Gilles Charbonneau) #62

Thanks a bunch for all the hard work on this port of MBL, I use it mostly for anime stuff in Grease Pencil, now I see no reasons not to switch entirely to 2.8!

The facial rig looks very interesting, but I can’t get it to work, getting many errors in 1.7.1


I will look into this, I personally did not develop the facial rig so I too am learning how to use it properly.

(Gilles Charbonneau) #64

Thanks, I will figure it out and probably make a tutorial for the whole thing, this is really useful, thanks again for your efforts!


Just a quick update.

Earlier this month the Proxy Engine of MB-Lab obtained a bug that broke it. After creating your character and adding an asset file, such as hair or clothing, if you tried to fit it to that proxy, not only would it error but it would separate the skeleton from the mesh.

As you can see this was a pretty serious bug.
It is fixed now, I reverted the code to the 1.7.0 release, which was stable (more so than it is now). So now you can add clothing and hair again to MB-Lab characters.


More Bug Fixes!

Now the Morph engine and Humanoid scripts have been fixed to working order. Not sure how optimized it is but so far on my system seems to be stable.

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Hey there. As you know, one of the highly anticipated planned features of the original MBL, was the auto-modelling to the face feature. I was really excited for the development of this tech. What are your thoughts on this?


I would love to add this, however I would need to go into the code and try to make sense of it, I haven’t spent too much time looking at that particular area but what I have seen is like dark arts. To be honest I have been trying to figure out the entire addon since I started to mess around with it, before I really made this into a “thing”. It has been slow and this past couple weeks I focused on getting new bugs squashed, with success at that, so “new features” has not been really worked on. With the 1.7.1 update a lot of things broke, show stoppers at that (including the auto-modelling), so that was my main focus.

Again to be honest I am not really sure how the auto-modelling feature really works, have not messed with it too much to understand it’s workings, plus my Python skills are not as good as they should be so it’s a learning process too. I would actually love some insight from others on getting this new feature added. It won’t be as simple as copying code lol.

It has been brought up before from others so I think it’s something to look into I just don’t really know how to right now.

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Maybe an exaggerated request, but could you could you “map” the add-on? like writing on the wiki everything you’ve found, what each script does, comments in each file, your opinions and suggestions, etc? It’d be amazing reference for anyone that knows how to write add-ons and want to give a hand


Actually I had not thought about that, good idea.

I will start on that right away

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I have mixed feelings about all this. I really enjoyed discussing things here with Manuel, this was his work.
I keep thinking I’ll log in here and he’s back and everything is settled and moving forward.

However, in the meantime, I have no choice but to move one and I really appreciate the work animate1978 and others are doing.

And to switch gears:
How do I submit a bug? Ha Ha, just what you wanted to hear.


I totally understand.

This is one reason I opted to not rename the addon too much, it was his work and to give it some other name would do it injustice, MBLab is even in the code. I also decided to keep his last version online so people can still use it if they wish, if they have issues with my fork or something.

I too was sad to read that news, even though I did not use his addon for serious work yet it had great potential, it needed to go to Blender 2.80, I just could not let this go to the addon graveyard. So after mulling it around for several days, I decided to go public and show that my repo was available. It was weird for me, I felt that maybe Manuel would contact me and say stop, or that he was reconsidering his decision but as time went on and more of his accounts disappearing that seems to be a pipe dream.


If you want to submit a bug you can go here - https://github.com/animate1978/MB-Lab/issues/new/choose

I also come here quite frequently (at least once a day) to see if people ask questions or whatnot.

(ma kadir) #74

i failed to download addon from github (even after removing clothes), i took several attempts but fail.
can any body give me alternate link for latest version?

(nomax5) #75

I’ve got a workflow for getting MB Labs characters v1.6.1a from blender 2.79 into the Unity game engine with some success.
I dare not update blender for fear of breaking my workflow.
Does anyone know if it is possible to run multiple versions on Blender on the same machine?



(cet77) #76

Just download the latest zip with Blender 2.8 and put it alongside the other blender-folder… or wherever you want. Using the zip won’t install anything and you can use them both as you wish. Basically there is no installer for blender 2.8 yet anyway, so you can’t go wrong. I use both, and also other branches on the side too… I have my blender-branches on my desktop and update them daily.

The addons you install will be in their respective folders in the %appdata% blender folder… So no conflicts when installing addons… :slight_smile:

(Gilles Charbonneau) #77

If you create a config folder in the 2.80 folder inside the Blender 2.80 folder, all the add-ons will get installed there for each specific releases you install!

EX: /home/username/Blender 2.80 beta/2.80/config/

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You can get the latest MB-Lab HERE

I have gotten a lot of messages regarding the stablity of downloads from GitHub so I have been packaging up releases and hosting them on my Google Drive.

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how many threads on this add-on do we need? can’t they be amalgamated into one?

(ouraf) #80

there’s only for the defunct manuel bastioni lab and there is one for the FORKED and still updated MB-lab.

so yeah, two we need and two we have

(sqkychair) #81

When I use Eevee, on just a default female, the eyeballs look way too dark. Cycles looks OK.