MBL PRO (Motion Blur Lab PRO) v1.1 released.

Hey gang!

I’m pleased to announce my popular MBL PRO plugin for Adobe Photoshop or compatible hosts has been finally released as a 64 bit application.

MBL PRO (Motion Blur Lab PRO) is an Adobe Photoshop (or compatible host) plugin capable of producing high-quality, multi-directional and variable-strength motion blur effects quickly and efficiently using motion vectors.

MBL PRO features numerous modes of operation for simulating virtually any type of real-world motion blur. Single vector blurs are useful for linear motion blurs. Zoom blurs are useful for depth-driven motion blurs while spin blurs are useful for rotationally-driven motion blurs. Both offer sophisticated ellipticity and orientation options for dealing with varying perspectives. Finally, multiple vector blurs are useful for complex, multi-directional and variable-strength motion blurs. All motion blur types feature various distribution methods such as constant, increasing, decreasing and soft. Motion blur can be introduced to subjects, backgrounds or both.

To learn more about MBL PRO, please visit:


Ummm, I think that Blender can achieve this in the compositor already…

@ 3pointEdit: Come on, dude, don’t be a b-hole.

Does it allow taking a motion vector pass from blender and outputting a motion blurred image? Any word on supporting image sequences?

Blender cannot achieve this quality in the compositor, not even with the vector pass…

O…k… I think this may be better suited to Other Software sub board then.

Not trying to by obstinate but this is a plugin for another application so I thought that a Blender perspective would be appropriate.

Also what is a b-hole? Is that a not rude version of an a-hole?

I checked the documentation and thought it was cool how you could change the flow field by adding motion vectors. I can tell this took a while to make.

thanks for this information.