here is my cd player :stuck_out_tongue: this took me about 5 hours to do. i think my fingers are going to fall off because of how many times i had to push the “F” button…
all renders are with AO and one area light.

the only reference i used is the cd player on my desk…and this is the only pic i could find of it on the internet

(sorry for how small it is)


#1. rendertime: 13 min

#2. rendertime: 5 min it is turned on in this one

#3 rendertime: 38 min (sorry for all the jpeg artifacts :expressionless: )

i think i will make a few more changes and renders, but otehrwise this is a finished product!

i really appritiate any c&c that is givin :slight_smile:

Great job. Love all the detail :smiley:

Nice work :smiley:

Very nice :smiley:


Looks great, although you have some problems with smoothing. This would probably benefit very nicely from the upcoming creased subsurfs. In the mean time, play with SetSmooth/SetSolid. Unfortunately, you cannot apply SetSmooth to edges, only faces.

That could be Photoreal with some better lighting…

i am working on some stuff right now for it, and i will try to get a photoreal render next.

thank yo for the crit. i will work on the smoothing, although there is only one thing that is using SubSurf and only four things with set smooth. i will work on it today.

wow, nice job. Good detail.