McLaren F1 Render



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This is top quality!

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awesome! the lighting is just WOW!

only thing that draws my attention a bit too much is the perfect circle in the wheel. Maybe you can add some holes or other detail to make it draw less attention.

The rest is simply amazing!



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get some threads on those tires too, its a road car after all :slight_smile:

Oh, it looks like I forgot to render the brake caliper, that’s probably why it looks so bland. Thanks for pointing it our


Yeah I cba to model the tires lol.

probably should have. welp there’s always next time.

In other news, new render

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

Woah! Didn’t really expect to be featured on anything, but I’ll take it.

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as someone who’s been modelling cars for long, i can’t say the model is too accurate, however the lighting/composition of the render is great. Would you mind sharing a bit of info on how you went about it?

Oh yeah, was intentionally trying to not a 100% mimic the mclaren for legal reasons

also I forgot to model the side mirrors like an idiot so there’s that lol

As for the lighting, a mix of some great hdris(in this case “elevator” from this guy but HDRI haven has some pretty great hdris too)

And watching a few car photography tutorials and a very helpful car rendering tutorial, I got the gist of it.

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