mclaren formula one

Just started working on this model again after a long break from Blendering. Any c+c welcome.

thats lookin good to me…

Could you post links to your reference pics? I think some of those edges look a bit sharp.

Here you go BeBraw, what do you think?

ummm…it needs a better scene and some reflections…other than that its pretty good…oh and the tyres need work…

i dunno why but the spoiler looks a bit to short… compared to the reff image it looks different… or is it just me? otherwise nice progress on the car

I think it looks great, it needs some details, but the scene looks nice.
keep it up

I did a small paintover in Blender. I hope you can understand my scribblings. The model looks good.

You can improve your materials. Try adding a bit of RayMir to the material add reflections. Remember to use angmap or similar as environment for it to work of course.

Another thing to try out would be to change your camera angle and perhaps the lens of camera even to make the formula look more “dynamic”. I think your example is good in this sense.

Are you using Gauss OSA filter? (See render panel.) It tends to soften the image. Try Catmull-Rom for instance to make it a bit sharper.


Good work so far…

The car seems to be not enough wide.
I can see that on the rear wing which is too narrow!

waiting for the next step

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I’ll make some adjustments and work on a better scene, possibly an F1 garage.:slight_smile:

the body still needs abit more reflectivity…please compare with your reference pics…

Update, made the materials more reflective. Need to round off some corners and make a better scene. C+C welcome.
Thanks for the tips BeBraw.

It’s getting better! Keep up good work!